Thursday, September 29, 2016

Good-bye, Summer!

  Yes....I know that last Thursday was the first day of Fall, but, we've been having temps in the 90's until this week.  Even yesterday it got up into the 80' last swim of the season.  Now, it's time to drop the pool level, put on the cover, and deflate the floats.   It's time for the leaves to start changing colors...we've already had some leaves falling....just enough to have to blow the walks and the deck.
   I'm not a "pumpkin spice" person, but I do love candy corn and all the snack size candies that come with the season.  And, I'm actually looking forward to pulling out my precious hand knit socks!  I'm also a big fan of fires in the firepit and roasting hot dogs over the fire!!!!
  Everything in their season, right?

  I threw the handles for the totebag, and finished the braid.  I love the look...but, I was concerned that it was too fat.  I even measured:  2.5 inches around.  I've been mulling it over for the last few days...trying to decide if I wanted to take out one of the cords and just do a standard 3 strand braid.  I even played with holding the handles together...were they really too fat???  I'm going to go ahead and weave this one off as it is.  I don't have a lot of time left to finish my projects for Homecoming!  But, after Homecoming, I'm going to weave another one with a 3 strand handle!!!!

Thrums....glorious thrums!!!  Look at all those colors!!! 
  I'm making some bracelets for the Student Day at Homecoming, and these short pieces are just the ticket!  Don't you just love all the colors and textures? 
  Carol, Pat, Cindy and Christy have donated their thrums to me over the last few years.  I have used them to make art yarn.  But, I'm going to use some of this to make the bracelets this year.  (I need to make more art yarn, too...but not right now!!!) 
  Then it will be time to tag everything, make an inventory list, and pack it up to go!  I've already got a list going of things to get ready for the Foothills sale in November. 
  It is the season!!!

Happy Weaving,

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