Tuesday, September 6, 2016

We're Here!!!!

  Carol has requested that I continue our "Meet The Weaver" series....I didn't have my notebook today, so I will start again next week!!!

  Yes...we're here...not all of us, but, a respectable crew showed up for duty.  As usual, folks just got down to business.  You can see some of the Pups still waiting to be put to work!

  Ms. Ila didn't let any moss grow under her loom!  She found a lovely painted shawl warp that will be great for the Fall sales.  She estimates that there will be two shawls from this chain.

  Carol checked in with Tina about the towel warp.  The first four are finished, and she's ready to start a new weft combo for the next four.

   That's the back of Tina's loom on the left.  If you can see down a little further, you'd see that it gets lighter in color.  Marie and Linda checked the progress on the black warp....those placemats always look great!  Betsy and Polly get a chance to catch up with each other, too.

  Here's a better view of Betsy and Polly at their looms.  Polly has taken over the ever favorite Ellen's Pattern placemats with the neutral colors.  Sharon needed a break from weaving those!!!

Carl finished a rug last week, so it was time to cut more blue jean strips for the next one.  I think there might be several rugs with this batch of strips!!!!

Casey was able to join us today...work schedules sometimes get in the way!  So, she's back to weaving on her warp.
  Yes....Karin and Sharon are still working on the library database!!!  They have found some interesting publications that we didn't even know we had!!!  (Sharon was kept busy running back and forth to shelve the books and bring back more for Karin to add to the list.)
  I missed getting a photo of Molly winding a new warp for a colorful 12 shaft scarf!  I'll get a shot of it next week going on the Macomber.
  We'll pick back up next week where we left off today....never fear!

Happy Weaving!


Tina J said...

You and I oohed and aahed over a couple of those books! Indiana Coverlets!

Theresa said...

How I would love access to your library there, not to mention peeking inside the yarn storage areas! ;-) It takes a lot of yarn to keep that many looms weaving along.