Saturday, September 17, 2016

Busy Again

It has been a busy week here, there is a lot to do to get ready for the upcoming show.  The first thing on my to do list was to make sure everything that was ready to go to the show was inventoried and in the inventory suitcase.  Next I hemmed the t-shirt rugs and put them beside the suitcase. Then I made some nice skeins of handspun yarn and added them to the pile.  Next week I will be printing labels and hemming bread cloths to add to the suitcase.  I may have a few more skeins of yarn, if I decide not to keep them, but I might keep the latest one I finished.

I had a couple of pretty fiber braids in my stash, one was a blue/green/gray multi color, the other was solid gray.  I split the multi braid down the length until I had 8 pieces.  I spun it with just enough twist to hold it together and a little thicker than my usual.  I did the solid gray to the same specifications.
I love how the color stripes are showing up on the bobbin!

I have over 900 yards of a very soft bouncy yarn, not quite as thick as I was hopping for, but beautiful just the same.  I may be keeping this one.

Next on the e-spinner is solid brown shetland (Capt. Jack Sparrow, the only fleece Lou Ann and I have ever named) to pair up with another multicolored bobbin that is already done.

Another thing I am doing, is preparing some fiber to spin at the Homecoming at the Museum of Appalachia, that is our first show, and it will be 4 straight days of spinning on the porch.  That means I have to have a lot of fiber ready to spin on hand, and I can't risk running out!

 I cleaned these fleeces back in 2014 when I came home from the sheep shearing.  I had brought home  a lot of fleeces that year and it was quite the job getting them all clean and dry.  I then boxed them up and labeled them, and I get into the boxes from time to time when I need something to spin at the Museum.
This is the last of the white fleeces from 2014, so I am determined to get it spun up this year at Homecoming.
I picked thru the fleeces choosing only the best locks, there is a lot of short stuff that will not go well in the yarn I want to make.

Then I run each and every lock across the hand carders to open up each end and clean out the last of the vegetation. (and there is a lot of that!)

The last thing I do is use the hand carders as they were meant to be used.  It doesn't take but a few passes since the wool is so open and clean already.

Prepping this fleece before the show will really be a life saver.  I will be taking one of the brown fleeces to demonstrate hand carding, and I very well may be spinning that before the end of 4 days.

I will be taking some emergency fiber that is not from the Museums flock, just in case I run out, probably some shetland or Jacobs.

This week I was able to finish a knitted scarf called, "Architecture"  I had taken it to my retreat last week to work on.  I used Tosh Merino Light, on size 5 straight needles.  I am very pleased with both the pattern and the yarn, I may be repeating this project!

I have a busy weekend ahead of me, and no more time to write,

So until next time, keep on Crafting, Tina


LA said...

Jack Sparrow just keeps on giving!!! That's such a lovely fleece. It's amazing how much fiber we go through during Homecoming!

Theresa said...

Busy again??? Don't you mean busy still! :-)