Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Meet More Weavers!

(l) Ruth Anne  (r)  Betsy

Meet Ruth Anne, our newest weaver.  She lives in Greenville and is Betsy's friend.  She has 29 alpacas, and weaves on a rigid heddle loom.  After spending the day with us, she has decided to learn to weave on floor loom. 

  Christy has been with the Tuesday Weavers since 2011.  But, she had been weaving for about 20 years.  When she lived in New Orleans, she had her painted silk scarves and shawls in a gallery downtown.  While she still enjoys weaving handpainted silk on her floor looms, you usually see her with her Inkle loom at the Center.  Her bookmarks are always a favorite at our fall sales.  Today she had her beads out as she styled some inkle woven bracelets.
  Christy's dad was in the Forest Service, so she grew up in seven different southern states.  Before coming to East TN, she had lived 30 years in New Orleans.  Besides weaving and beadwork, Christy also knits, crochets and enjoys needlework.

  Pat came to the Center in 2000 to learn to weave.  Originally from Colorado, Pat and her husband came to Knoxville in 1966 when Dan was hired to teach at the University of Tennessee.  They have three sons, five grandsons and one granddaughter.  (Just ask Pat about Violet....she glows!!!!)  Their oldest grandson is in Colorado studying to be a Park Ranger.  (Another *glowing* moment!) 
  Pat is involved in her church and her community association.  She also works every election.  Of course, she is also very active in her grandchildren's lives.
  Right now, Pat has a warp for 20 placemats on her Schacht 8 harness loom, and another placemat warp on her Harrisville.  One of her favorite things to weave is cloth....yardage!  In fact, she made vests for her brothers and sisters and their spouses a few years back from her handwoven wool cloth!!!

  As promised, here's a picture of Molly's warp...on the loom!  She and Tina got it all wound on last week, and now she's threading this 12 harness design.  I can't wait until she's ready to start weaving!!!

What in the world is this mess?????
  Carl and Sharon's church has a rummage sale last weekend, and the left over tee shirts and jeans were donated to the weavers!!!!  We sorted seven large bags into stacks for tee shirt rugs and stacks of jeans to be readied for weaving. 

  It looks like we all have homework this week!

Happy Weaving!

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Theresa said...

Ohh, a 12 shaft pattern! I can't wait to see that either. I have a hard time finding 12's that I like.