Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The View

  This is just a hive of busy weavers!!!  And, today was a light attendance day, to boot!!!    But, we're kicking it into high gear getting ready for our first fall sale.

As promised, here's a picture of Molly's warp.  Come to find out, this will be towels!!!  (Really gorgeous towels!!!!)

  Of course, the next step is that it needs to go ON the loom.  Tina dusted off her hands, and they got right to work.  Get those lease sticks in, ladies!!!!!

Linda and Frieda were hard at work on the scarf warps. 

Betsy and Polly took time out to talk to Irene about their warps.

  Here's a better view of Betsy's rug....and you can see what has already been woven as it makes its way to the cloth beam.

  Remember all those blue jeans strips that Carl cut last week????   Now they are part of a rug!!!!  And, guess what?  Carl had more blue jeans donated during the week!!!!  He had me check....there are seven sticks on the warp beam....so, there will be plenty more rugs!!!

  Sharon has finished adding in the books that were on top of the shelves, and she tidied up the card file.  She got the three new books added in, also.
  Marie got the scarves from the Steeplechase Challenge added to the inventory.  We got those tagged and upstairs to the shop!
  Carol is kept busy keeping tabs on everything going on in our studio...what a job!!!!

After Karin finished getting the book database up to date, she was back to work on her towels.

Bonnie was all alone on the back row today!  That probably means she got a lot of weaving done!

  Even with all the goings on, Casey and Joan worked on their table looms.  That's how good weaving habits are developed.

  We are already signing up for our shifts for the Homecoming at the Museum of Appalachia...it will be time to pack up soon!

Happy Weaving!


Tina J said...

We got Molly's warp on the back beam, she will be threading the heddles next week!

kushami said...

I'm new to this blog - wow! You are able to leave the looms set up for people to work on each week? I wish my weaving group had a space like this!