Thursday, September 15, 2016

Same....But Different

Some might say that I'm just splitting hairs.....but, there is a difference!
  The placemats on the top right are my Salute To Norris Dam mats.  The warp is two shades of blue and two shades of green with one yellow thread.  The weft is some of my sheeting cut in one inch strips.  The mat on the bottom is from last year's set using the same sheeting as weft...but, I used the edge that had a lot of pink and lavender print.  The Norris Dam set has the edge with the blue flower. 
  While I was weaving away at the Museum, I noticed that the weft I was using had some of the pink flowers....but, would that make a difference???  I think it does!  The placemats on the top left have that color added. 
  Needless to say, I came home and started cutting more weft that had the blue flower edge!

  This is a large roll of sheet weight fabric that I have used for a bunch of woven items....and I still have lots left.  The right side of the roll has a little fringe to it, and I've just been bagging that up for a future project.  You can see the pink and lavender flowers that make up the next few cuts.  The blue flower is on the left, and I did not use it on last year's placemats.  The first four placemats I wove this year was using up this fabric from last year.
  So.......there are two mats with a touch of pink in them, but, that's all there will be!  I came home from the Museum and started cutting more weft--but, only from the blue side.  I'll get these six hemmed for the first sale, and weave the remaining mats with just the blue. 
  I'm not sure what the next project for this fabric will be.....surely there is another......maybe just shades of green?????
Happy Weaving!


Theresa said...

Well they all look lovely! Amazing the difference one gets though on those rags just by using one with a slightly different color.

Tina J said...

Never ending variety, that is one of the reasons we like to weave!