Monday, September 5, 2016

Bit of Glitter

It's been another busy week of trying to squeeze in some weaving time but I got a warp woven and another ready to wind on.
I needed a couple of solid black tops for my booth but that's an awfully short warp so I added 3 vests to my length. Still a short warp but I didn't plan to weave a jacket right now.
So the vests are glittery. 
The first one has kind of a raspberry/grape look to it. It's very hard to get a good picture with my iPad but this gives you an idea.
Lavender is the next color.
Gold glitter is the best but the picture is much duller than the real fabric.
They'll all be good additions to my booth in October.
I have been trying to finish up some handwork on handwovens in the evenings (now that I've finally caught up on a month of newspapers), I was crocheting the edge of a jacket and doing well last night when Belle decided to snuggle awhile. She even snuggled cradled next to me with my arm holding her by my side. Then Meg showed up. Belle moved down to my lap and Meg went to her favorite spot, up by my neck. It's a good thing the chair reclines so I could adjust my position to suit her. I ended up doing some sudoku while they were happily purring.
I hope you can click on the picture to biggify it and see their cute expressions. DH took the picture and posted it on Facebook. I'm not smart enough to know how to download the picture from facebook so just took a picture of it on my laptop.
The cats sleep a lot of the day. They're not impressed with the loom when I'm weaving. I think it scares them some. I won't try to fix that! They can continue to sleep while I weave each morning!
Since it's quiet right now, I think I'll go put a new warp on the loom. It's going to be a cheerful green. Hope it looks good in a picture.
Until next week, keep weaving!!


LA said...

I saw the picture on Facebook! They look so happy all cuddled up with you. Lots of weaving going on at your house!

Harriet Gamble Hensley said...

thanks for the warp and weft colors