Friday, September 9, 2016

Up Close and Personal

Lou Ann and I arrived bright and early this morning to help flesh out the "Days of the Pioneers"  Antique show at the Museum of Appalachia.   You have seen pictures of it before so here is just a view of some of the booths from my porch.
 I also happened to see "Abe and Mary Todd" over across the way having their picture taken, so I took a picture of that for you.
 Next to Lou Ann here is my partner, the little red wheel does such a good job on the porch.  For those who do not know, this wheel was made around 1860 in Mayville, Wisconsin, by the Mayville Furniture company.  It didn't give me a moment of trouble today.

You can see I have a bobbin ready to go, before I left today it was full!
 Here is the first bobbin I had already spun the previous visit.  It is waiting for me to hurry and get all three bobbins spun and plied so it can be a skein.

The wool is straight from the Museum flock, this time white wool is what I am concentrating on.  I would love to have several bouncy 3 ply skeins by this time next year.  I only spin Museum wool at the museum, so that I can say that it is museum wool, it is a thing, you know.
The morning flew by and before you know it, it was lunch time.  I ran and got our lunches and we settled in to eat.  A few minutes later, I noticed that we had a visitor.

The peacocks are always around, but we have never had one get this close.  How close do you ask?
 This close!  (Lou Ann did not feed the bird, but obviously somebody has!)
So close in fact that we could see the beautiful colors on his back,  I have never gotten such a great closeup!

Then I turned around to see a Peahen coming closer, and what we noticed was that she had 4 young chicks with her!
 She did not bring them over for lunch, but we got a really good look at them all.
Lou Ann says that she saw the hen feeding the chicks tiny bits of grass, I totally missed that!  I will be looking for them tomorrow, when we will be once again on the porch of the Peter's Cabin spinning and in the loom house weaving.

Until next time, Happy Crafting, Tina

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LA said...

All that lovely yarn!!! Just think...more tomorrow! BTW...those chicks are just too cute!