Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Two Warps Down

  You can see it right here...the end of the warp!  Ms. Ila wove right up to the heddles, practically!!!
  She had six dish towels on this warp.  I saw her this afternoon taking a look at some of the painted warps that are waiting to be woven.  That means that she'll be winding on another warp next week!!!

 Jocelyn cut off her warp, too!  That's six more dish cloths...these are in waffle weave!  We'll have to wait until next week to see what new project will go on this loom.

  I'm trying to finish weaving this dogwood throw...the weavers would like to sell Bertha and replace her with a loom that can fold up at the end of the day.  Forty more inches and it will be done!

   Just look who joined us today!!!  We were so happy to see Molly again, and she thinks she has her schedule worked out so that she can weave with us here at the Center.  She was able to go to Milwaukee for Convergence earlier this month!  We'll be getting more of the story as time goes by!

  All that weaving means we need a little something to keep up our strength!  Tina to the rescue!!!  These are chocolate chip oatmeal cookies....and Tina even milled her own flour!!!  Needless to say, they were YUMMY!!!!

The Ladies really were busy on the back row (see Ms. Ila's loom above.)  Shirley finished up her scarf, and needed a little refresher course on hemstitching.  (That happens to me, too!)

  Karin jumped in to help Sharon add even more books to the database for our library.  We really are so blessed to have these wonderful resources!

  Betsy found a great spot to set up the sewing machine and hem her newest rugs.  These are the colors for her kitchen!

  Can you believe that roll of rugs on Carl's loom????  He did finish the hit or miss rug, and will start a new blue jean rug next week.

  We had a lot of other folks at the Center today, and I failed to get them in a picture!  Pat, Frieda, Harriet, Christy, Irene, Lanny and Polly.....please accept my regrets....I just need to make group pictures!!!!

Happy Weaving!


Tina J said...

Lots of finished warps mean lots of new projects come next week, Yay!

Theresa said...

Yep, lots of new warp planning going on. Hope we get a little run down of Convergence!