Friday, August 9, 2013

What WE do with Donations

Several months ago we received a "small" loom donation at the AACC.  It looks like a Reed Cambridge, with a 30 inch weaving width.  (It has some of the loom experts stumped, we didn't think they came in that width!)  There was just enough natural wool warp left on the back beam to weave a rug.

I counted how many warp threads I had to work with and 188, which matched the number of heddles I had on the harnesses, 47 each!  I played a little bit threading the warp through the reed,  I did a little warp grouping in 5 sections spaced evenly across the warp.  I then went looking for fabric in the cupboards.  I found 5 or 6 different fabrics and I was all set to sew them together, but I had a bit of a problem with the sewing machine.  I was packing it all up to take home, (it was almost closing time) when Ann pipes up!  Something about a bag with balls of fabric under her loom.  ( A touchy subject!)

I went to look in the bag and sure enough there were 5 huge balls of fabric strips, already cut and sewn together!  There was also several huge balls of corduroy.  (I vaugely rememberd that they had come in at least a year ago, maybe more!)  I pulled out the fabric, and it was amazing!  Actually it was Psychedelic Baby!!!  I tried to weave with it immediatly, but the colors were lost when the fabric turned the wrong way in the shed.

I  went home totally intending to bring my iron the next week.  Well, I forgot it, and remembered it when I was half way to weaving.  There is a Goodwill not far from the center, I thought I might be able to find an iron that I would then just leave at the center.  They did not have an iron, but they did have a flat iron for hair.  I thought well, why not.

The flat iron worked marvelously, as I first ironed the strips flat, and then folded it in half, and ironed the crease.  I ended up loading the shuttle as I ironed, it just made sense.

 I can just see whoever made these balls of fabric, cutting the strips, some of them only 12 inches long, and sewing them together, day after day.  The fabric is so eclectic!  60's and 70's hot colored fabrics mixed with plaids, Raggedy Ann and black and white prints!  It has really opened my mind as far as what is possible for a rag rug.  I really have to learn to mix it up!

Finally, on tuesday the warp gave way  when the cord broke that was holding the PVC rod to the warp beam, and Marie had to hold onto it while I wove the header.  I cut it off the loom, and knotted the fringe.  It is done!  Next week I will take a look at the rug wool on the shelf to choose a new warp color.  I still haven't even finished the first ball of fabric!

 We love getting donations at the Center!  This time it was 2 donations, from different Weavers made a couple of years apart, that combined to make a one of a kind rug!

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina

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LA said...

We just never know when those donations turn into a treasure. Those bright prints sure did weave up nicely!!!!