Monday, August 5, 2013


A year ago when I was up visiting, my aunt came from near Edmonton with a project that had her stumped! It was a watercolor wallhanging. We helped her arrange all those little squares to make the picture look right. We placed the squares on a fabric  with a grid on it, and it was fusible so she ironed those squares onto the backing and then took it home to finish.
I think she did a good job!! She came this week to spend a couple of days to "be inspired" with us. It was great to see the finished project!!
 Notice how she stitched on the tree trunks to make them look more real. Watercolor projects always look better from a distance but even close up you can see how nicely it all went together.
 So what am I doing right now? I've been collecting batik fabric for a few years now. Whenever I went to a quilt show, I'd look for jelly rolls, 2 1/2 strips of batik fabric. Already cut, you save time and get bits of different patterns on the fabrics. I'd collected a fair amount and in looking at it, we found very little duplication. So, we spread the strips all out and then put them in sets of 4 to sew together.
 I still have some of the groups to sew together yet.
 Once sewn, I'll have to iron them before turning them around and cutting 2 1/2" strips to make little blocks of color. Since there are just over 50 groups of them, it's going to take awhile. I think I need at least 9 strips from each set of fabric strip.
Then, there are the over 20 pieces of fabric that I'm going to cut 9 - 4 1/2 x 8 1/2 rectangles.  It's going to take most of this week to get done, I'm thinking.
Once cut, I'm hoping to get them all assembled to make a king size quilt top. Not sure it's going to happen this quickly, but I"m going to give it a try.
Last year it was so hot up here, we had to have the fan going all the time. Not having air conditioning was tricky but this year, it's good. I think we've only had the fan out once!!
My Mom's continuing to do pretty well which we are all thankful for!
Still not weaving but I am doing some handwork on pieces I brought up with me. Can't neglect production completely!!
So, until next week, you keep weaving and I'll cut and, hopefully, sew!!


LA said...

What a great collection of batik fabric pieces! That will be a fantastic quilt.

Tina J said...

I am glad you are having such fun! The fabric is beautiful!