Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Just One Of Those Days

  There was a warp already on the little loom when Lanny and Allan moved it to the Studio.  Tina took over the project and decided to weave off the wool warp that was left....however much was left.

  The brown paper that covered the warp concealed the PVC pipe that was being used on the warp beam.....along with the fact that it was just attached by two cords to the beam.  YES....the cords broke.  And, in steps Marie to save the day.....just long enough to weave a header before the warp was cut.

  That's another rug to add to the inventory....ready to be tagged and taken upstairs.  Isn't it colorful?

Then it was time for Tina to tackle the LOST CROSS!  Oh, yes.....it happens to all of us at one time or another.  But, Betsy was able to enlist Tina's help, and all is well.

  Carl took home a stack of blue jean legs last week, and they were ready to cut into strips this afternoon.  That loop went on and on and on and on!!!!!!

Andy is having much better luck with this warp that she warped back to front.  No tangles this time!

  Shirley's scarf warp is coming along nicely.  You can't see the subtle color changes in this picture, but it is a very nice!!!!

  Ms. Ila just keeps weaving those beautiful, fine scarves.

  And, look at the lovely color play on Christy's scarf warp!!!!

  Linda is working on our trademark Ellen's Placemats.  These make such good gifts!

  Not only can she save a warp (see the first picture) but she can weave table runners!!!!  Marie went right back to the work at hand after saving the day!

It was just one of those days!!!

Happy Weaving!

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