Thursday, August 29, 2013

Thanks Going Out..... my sister, Joyce.  While she was in town last week, she helped me get this warp on Ester.  This is the first warp for her in about 70 years....she was way past due!

  I don't think I could have done this without her......or, I would still be trying to get it wound on the warp beam!    This was also the first time Joyce has helped put a warp on a how appropriate that the loom belonged to our great-grandmother!

Joyce has claimed a rug from this warp as payment! Carl and Tina for being such wonderful weaving friends!
  There are always those projects that don't go exactly as planned, and this wool shawl is one of those!  Carl and I always talk all the way to the Center on Tuesdays, and he has wonderful weaving advice.
  Tina suggested using an alternative to a temple to keep the selvedge threads from breaking.  Right now I have a clip on it....she uses a bent paper clip.  I'll try both ways! Maggie for the great directions to the Birkenstock Outlet store.

YES, I found what I was looking for....and they also had some Keen shoes on sale.   Tina even found her a new pair of Keens....ON SALE!

  As we get ready for the Fall Homecoming at the Museum of Appalachia and the Foothills Guild Sale, it's very important to have some super comfortable shoes!

  I think I'm ready in that department, now. my weaving friends (and those wonderful knitters) that bring me their bits and pieces of leftover yarn.  Sometimes I spin it into art yarn, and sometimes I just use it like it is. 

  And, they offer encouragement when I go off on a tangent with one of my crazy ideas. 

  It is so much fun to try out new projects!

  ......and, I would be remiss if I didn't thank all of our Followers for coming back time after time to our blog.  We often talk about the blogs we read, and we are so delighted to have folks join us for our weaving journey.

Again....thank you! 

And, now that summer has actually started here in our neck of the woods (temps in the 90's and humidity at 60% today) I think I'll spend some time outside.

Maybe just chillin'.........

Happy Weaving!


Tina J said...

Right back at you!

Maggie said...

I love that purple scarf! And the black one and the gray one, but really, really love the purple one!