Friday, August 16, 2013

Change in Strategy

The fall shows are looming and my weaving time has not been what it should have been these last few months.  So, I have had a complete reversal of my usual  method of operation, which was to weave a few articles from each of my 6 looms, to have a greater variety of products.  I started to panic just a little bit and I decided to pick my best seller, and weave that one off before I proceed to the next one in line.

I chose to start with the breadcloths on the large Leclerc loom that I have.  This last week, I have finished weaving the green striped cloths, (7) taken them off of the loom, serged them and corrected the weaving errors.  I am also well on my way with the blue striped ones.

 If my count is correct, there are 6 cloths on here with the 7th started!  I gave up on using the temple, and switched to weighted paper clips.(I posted about that on  It has increased my speed considerably!  I don't have a lot of weaving time, but when I do it is quite productive now.

You may not know that I wound the back beam of this loom with three different strip colors all on the same load.  The first color on the beam was red, then this blue and finally the green.  I am not sure that I will do that again, the waste at the color change was  considerable, between the green and the blue 2 feet or so, we shall see with this next color change.

So far, no hint of the red on the back beam!

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina


Bonnie said...

Wonder why so much waste?

LA said...

If you had a second beam, you could change the color stripes...other than that, I think you've got a pretty good plan going!

Theresa said...

Seems like a good plan. Don't forget to relax a bit and enjoy the weaving !