Wednesday, August 28, 2013

See Them Beady Eyes?

 Last week, I got a new laptop, to assist me in teaching pastry classes at UT in the culinary department.  Very exciting, no?  The classes will be, but the laptop is very disappointing.  I've had my iMac for seven years, and maybe I'm just spoiled, and maybe laptop was a bargain for a reason, but it just doesn't work very well.  I tried again to post the blog from it, and it can't download pictures that it says it has.
  It is very good, however, at using Microsoft Word, and I have been merrily writing stories with it, enjoying that aspect of it immensely.

I've started weaving, after many samples, on the hand painted warp on Jenny.  I tried beading with hand manipulated lace on the border, and like it very much.  Then,  I started beading in the center of the Bronson Lace diamonds.  You can't see it very well, can you?  Well, that's my problem with it, too.  I am going to have to move a lamp over it to be able to see which pick to put the beads in.  I will tell you, though, that the article I mentioned last week on how to insert beads into weaving has helped a lot!  I'm using black quilting thread, and picking up just enough beads for each space.  It's a lot easier to control them, and the quilting thread slips right into the black bamboo weft.  I think it will be subtle, but a teeny bit of sparkle.

Now, here's a guy who brings a sparkle to my eye!  Another Lee's Surrender is done, the eggplant one.  I was absolutely determined to finish it yesterday, and worked up quite a sweat doing it.  And now it's time to start the Colonial Blue, a greyed-down royal blue that's very traditional.  I'd like to also try one with two colors, maybe the red interspersed with the blue.
  Yesterday, Linda asked me if there was a brother-pattern to Lee's Surrender, Grant's Victory.  I've never heard of it, and maybe Grant should get equal time, but after all, he did win the war and become president.  Perhaps that should be enough, don't you think?
  Something to ponder, though, while you weave.  If you could name a weaving pattern, what would you choose?  Happy Weaving!


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LA said...

You were concentrating really hard on Lee yesterday....I noticed! Now I know why!!! I really like the bead work in that scarf...we'll talk more about that later!