Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Business As Usual

Sorry, Carl.
   This isn't the best picture I have taken of you, but I wanted a picture of the new rug on the barn loom.  This is the blue jean weft that Carl cut last week.  I'm sure this rug will be snapped up as soon as it hits the shop upstairs!

   A bunch of weavers are still on summer trips, but the faithful few came in as usual.

  Shirley is feeling a lot better this week (the poison ivy is under control!)  You can tell she's on the mend by her bright socks (and big smile!!!!)


  Ms. Ila got a lot done on her scarf warp today....even with all the chit-chat going on.  (We had a serious discussion going on about using rigid heddle looms to weave scarves.........and how knitters have such lovely left-over yarns!)

  Linda had a lot to share with us today about her volunteer time with the local PBS station.  It's that time of year for donations!  She had helped out with the Antique Roadshow segment that they just did here in Knoxville.  Last night she manned the phone lines for donations. 

   Allan was at the Center for a Building Committee meeting.  It gave us a chance to catch up on his news.

Lanny stopped by and brought the towels that he hemmed at home.  Now all they need is to be inventoried, tagged, and taken upstairs to the shop.

  Marie tried a double strand of 8/4 on the place mat warp, and it really made the pattern pop! 

    I think I heard Maggie say something about "un-weaving."  Or, maybe I was just hearing things........

  A BIG thank you to Tina for coming up with a fix for the towel warp.  Keeping those threads under tension is the key for all warps!  We'll finish winding it on next week, then back to threading again.

  Uh-oh......I didn't get a picture of Linda's rug warp!  I think she has the brake system for that loom worked out now, and she'll take off like a rocket now!  I'll get that picture next week....promise!

Happy Weaving!


Theresa said...

Wow, weavers coming back into the fold so to speak! Some awesomeness going on for sure. And that orange-love it!

Maggie said...

I think I unwove more than I wove. Blogger doesn't think "unwove" is a word. Obviously not a weaver..