Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Welcome Back!!!

It's looking like we're getting back to normal around here!  Several of our regulars are back with us, again!  It got busy in a hurry this morning!

Carol hit the floor running on her first Tuesday back...a big TW welcome to Julia!
  Julia took the scarf class last winter, and she's ready to take Carol's Learn To Weave class.  We're glad to have her with us.

  We were all happy to see Eiko's smiling face this morning!  And, it was such good news that her husband is doing so well, and has gone back to work!  It must have been all that TLC she provided during his recovery!!!!

  Ann needed to finish up some place mats she's making for a wedding gift.....so she just brought her loom so she could weave with us today.  Sounds like a great plan!!!

Marie is all decked out in her Tennessee shirt....she's ready for the first game this weekend!  Go Big Orange!

Carl wove up all his blue jean strips, so it was time to cut more!  This will keep him busy for a little bit.

  Cindy has wound her warp on, and she's ready to start weaving.

And, sometimes we have to work in pairs:  Allan and Pat were on one side of the loom while I was on the backside of the loom.  We had tension problems with the loom, so it was decided to rewind onto the back beam!

    Oy Vey!!!!!

Betsy and Linda had catch up time.

  Maggie, Tina and Ann also took some time to catch up on their news.

  And, lunch time is always a favorite time to find out what's going on.

  Carol brought her finished king size quilt that she made while she was visiting her Mom and Sis. 

  And, Linda brought her newly finished rug that would be so perfect for a new baby girl!!!!

Ms. Ila made a chocolate, chocolate cake to welcome everyone back!

  Don't tell Allan that Tina is fixing his warp.  We noticed that he seemed to be ignoring the loom, and then realized that he had lost his cross!!!!!
  Tina got busy on the chain, and she's almost finished threading the reed.  Thank you, Tina!

Happy Weaving!

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Maggie said...

I wish you could see the porcupine spikes on your loom better!