Thursday, August 1, 2013

August Already????

How did this happen?
What happened to July?
  I'm trying real hard not to panic....I'm not going to count the number of days until the Fall Homecoming!
  I'll just stay calm and weave on....that's the plan.
  And, I'm going to get outside and try to enjoy all the summer things I haven't done yet.  (No list necessary.)
  Monday's mail brought me the Ashford SampleIt that I ordered last week.  (My orphan yarn collection is just about to reach epic proportions, so it was time to get serious about that!  It was either weave it or give it a room all by itself!)

  My first warp was all gray, silver and black.  I love this light weight little just goes from room to room, and even a little weaving last night in bed.
  I'm not giving up on my Pups.....but they all have long warps on them.  So, it takes awhile to get those mug rugs woven off the loom. 
  In the meantime, I've pulled several more candidates for future scarf warps.  It's so much fun to play with color and texture for these warps.
  ***Notice the little double end hook that Ashford provided with the SampleIt.  I love my Harrisville double end just makes sense to have one hook rather than keeping up with two!

  In closing, I'll leave you with my bloom of the week.  I watched that bud for about a week before it opened...and what a wonderful surprise.

  Today will be a great day to's gray and rainy outside.  I'm rethreading the shawl warp (a few groups at a time) and those mug rug warps need some serious treadle time.

Keep Calm
Weave On!!!



Linda said...

When I was looking for a traveling loom I looked into those. You are going to like how you can just pop it in a tote bag and take it anywhere.

Tina J said...

What a beautiful warp! I can't wait to see the scarf! What is your weft?

Maggie said...

i do love that warp!