Monday, August 26, 2013

Catching Up

I'm back in Knoxville!! Leaving very early last Wednesday, I drove for 3 days, never driving more than 12 hours per day and got home Friday evening just in time to unload and head over to Monterrey Restaurant for a fajita chicken quesadilla!! I did take a bag of smarties over there for the owner and his family to enjoy!!
So, I didn't take any pictures while I drove. It's pretty flat land most of the time and I enjoy looking out over it all but it doesn't always photograph well plus I would have had to stop and try to figure out how to get a good picture. What usually happens is that you get alot of the ditch, some of the fields and tons and tons of sky. So I didn't do that this time.
I had some trouble downloading the pictures onto the site while I was up north. Today I thought I'd try again and it worked much better.
So, we did go to Regina one nice Sunday for lunch. It's a major deal to take Mom places. She's doing well but we don't want to mess with that much so it's better not to travel far. Regina is about an hour from Moose Jaw. We went for lunch to Tony Roma's and then drove around the lake and to the Legislative Building where the provincial government is.
The lake is man made but quite large and on a pretty day people like to walk around it, enjoying the weather knowing that winter's just around the corner again. Some people walk around it in winter as well. There is a path all around it and it's a fairly safe place to go.
We had driven almost all the way around when we had to stop for these guys! Just a few of the ones that decided they had to cross the road right that minute!!
 Here's the Legislative Building. I didn't grow up in Saskatchewan. My province is Manitoba. Our building has the Golden Boy on top. This one just has a nice dome.
 Recently they commissioned a statue to be built in front of the building. I know there was a feature in one of the news broadcasts while we were there about this statue. I think the name on the base said Walter Scott but I forgot to research it.
 This is the cool thing about it. He's holding a banner that you can position so that the top of the building is in the open space.
 The flowers were gorgeous!! Even though summer is short up there, the flowers just sparkle those few short months.
 The lake. It's long and narrow. Behind us was the Legislative Building and in front of us you can see a few buildings from downtown.
 Just a few more Canadian Geese. These guys fly south for the winter. Ours here in Knoxville just stay year round. Up there the winter's cold, the water frozen, snow everywhere. Those geese fly south.
 Back to my quilt that I made. I sewed a bunch of the 8 inch blocks. In trying to keep things mixed up and not having too much of one color in one place, I set up the design wall and sort of planned each row. Design wall wasn't big enough so it had to sort of be jerry rigged because 14 squares didn't fit in the space of the 6 ft wall but it worked. I did 2 or 3 rows at a time, sewed them together and then put them up to figure out the next couple of rows. Using numbers pinned to  the beginning of each row really helped.
 My sister sews on the kitchen table so that's where I set up my machine. Mom was nearby working on a crossword puzzle.
 As the rows were added, the pile of fabric on the left just got bigger and heavier. I was glad I had a friend to quilt it on her long arm machine.
So that's the last of what we did. I'm glad to be home again with all the work waiting for me!
On a side note, today is our anniversary. DH and I have been married 35 years today. It's hard to believe it's been that many years and yet it's like we've always been together. We're not big into celebrating. We never had a honeymoon but we've made it all work. Tomorrow evening we'll go out to eat. It doesn't work for tonight. 
So here's to another year together and to work on the projects that are on my list!
Until next week, keep weaving. I'm heading to the studio now to wind a warp for an order that needs to be woven fairly quickly.


Linda said...

Happy anniversary! I think they need more geese up there. Can you take a few hindred next year? Lol.

Maggie said...

The flowers and the quilt look the same, colorful and beautiful!

erin said...

I'm so glad you had a great trip, and more happy you're back!