Monday, August 12, 2013

Week 2

I had a bunch of pictures I was going to post today of our trip yesterday into Regina but for some reason I could only download a few before it kind of froze so decided to just put these on now and maybe next week or when I get home, I can post those pictures! We did go into the city for the afternoon yesterday and took Mom around for a change of scenery.
So what did we do this past week? Well, I finished the little wall hanging I had started quite awhile ago. I decided to give it to my niece. My sister is in charge of framing it. She's got a frame that will probably work nicely, once it's cut down a bit, so she will be able to hang it up. The fabric is mostly wool and it's hand done. I love doing handwork and the vintage look of these is very appealing to me.  It's one project down, many more to go!
 My Mom is confined to a wheelchair now, especially since her fall several weeks ago. After her fall, she was very sore and found it impossible to get in and out of the car plus she couldn't get into the bathtub any longer for her shower. So they found solutions. Once a week she is picked up by this bus for a day at a seniors center. She gets a real bath and then plays games and talks with other seniors and they give her lunch. She loves that bath!!
 Three times a week she has to go to the hospital for dialysis. Until now, my sister had taken her. Now we've got a van to pick her up each time and take her. She enjoys talking to the drivers as they go.
 Thursday was my birthday. My wonderful husband had flowers delivered to the house. I think they're absolutely gorgeous! I'm here another full week so will continue to enjoy them. Hopefully there will still be a few left for my family to enjoy when I leave. I can't take them over the border.
I did start my batik quilt. I'll post pictures of it next week. The quilt is going to be big, about 116 x 116" for my king size waterbed. The blocks I'm making are only 8 inches square so it takes 14 across each row. There are tons of different fabrics involved in the quilt and I'm looking forward to posting it, hopefully next week. I've got to get it done so my sister's friend can quilt it on her longarm....
So, no weaving here, but enjoying family and doing a bit of work....
Until next week, keep working on projects that you love!


Tina J said...

Happy Birthday Carol! Give your Mom a squeeze for us!

LA said...

I love the wall hanging! It's perfect for fiber lovers! Enjoy the flowers and your last few days with your family!