Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Joys of Sampling

Yes, you read that right!  I meant to sample this time.  I have this lovely hand painted warp that I, um, reacquired, shall we say, from my mother.  She said she was never going to use it, so I brought it back home with me.  I wanted to do something wonderful with it, because it is so lovely.  I didn't want to do my normal plunge without looking, because that rarely ends well.  It seems I spend more time making the first thing on each warp flawed and needing to keep it for myself--not always a bad thing--than making something I feel proud of. 
Johann D's 32

 So this time, I have sampled the first 18 inches or so.  As I played with designs and techniques, more occurred to me.  Johann D's 32 didn't translate well into the 120 threads,

so I went online to and found a five-shaft Bronson lace from the Bronson's themselves.
  Now, Jenny only has four shafts, so how could I figure out how to make this four shafts?  See the big float-y blocks?  That's a nine thread float, and I didn't want it, anyway.  It's caused by the fifth shaft.  How do I make it go away?

A little origami, folding the pattern lengthwise and cross-wise, did the trick.  It also took out the treadling and threading for the troublesome fifth shaft.  Unfortunately, it made the tie-up problematic.  I tried a few different ways, spending a lot of time under the loom.  Oh, if only LouAnn had been there!  She likes those under-the-loom photos!

 Here are the first few attempts.  First, the tie-up was crazy wrong!  Then, I used some silver tencel, strung with beads.  Really annoying!  The beads, when they're threaded on the weft, simply slide down while you're throwing the shuttle and end up everywhere you don't want them!

 Then, I tried another tie-up.  Nope!  Not sure where that was going, or why it came out so unfocused.

 Then, I sat down and puzzled it out.  I wish I could remember Carol's drafting class, because I really needed it!  But I stared at the diagram long enough to figure it out, and away I went!  I want beads in the center of the center diamonds, and I now know that threading them on the weft is not the way to go.  I went on line, and found a great article on Weavezine about weaving with beads, by Wanda Jenkins.  Here's the link:
  I think you'll find it interesting and helpful, if you ever feel like incorporating beads into your weaving.
  Sampling is done, and I'm ready to start the scarves in earnest now.  It might have to wait a few days, but I will post all about it next week!
Until then, Happy Weaving!

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LA said...

I really do love getting those pictures of weavers UNDER the loom!!! It sounds like you got that all figured out!