Thursday, August 22, 2013

Just a Wee Glimpse

  I didn't have anything pressing to do today.

  My weaving projects at home are coming along, but there's really not anything newsworthy.

I woke up thinking that it would be a good day to work in the Loom House.  It just seemed like the right thing to do today.

  This is where I left off threading the last time I was there.

  The heddles are threaded, and I got a couple of inches sleyed in the reed.

  But, I started losing the light.  It seemed like a good time to call it a day.

  I had a few visitors today.  There was a family of four from Romania....the mom told me that lots of folks still weave in her village.  Many of them still use "barn looms" but she had never seen a rocker loom.

  I'm sure you have guessed by now....I don't really go there to weave.

  There's a peace there..... easy, peaceful feeling.
  A sense of touching the past, but very grateful for the here and now.

  If you need me, you might want to look in the Loom House......I just might be right where I need to be.

Happy Weaving!


Tina J said...

I love that place! I am glad to see you have made such good progress! You will be weaving next week.

Theresa said...

What a lovely place LouAnn. Gosh, I wouldn't want to leave even at night. Got a candle stash somewhere around there?

Maggie said...

So beautiful! What did you have for lunch?