Thursday, January 31, 2013

Groundhog Day

....I know that Groundhog's Day is on Saturday, but Biscuit seems to think that she could influence the outcome of the event by a little heart to heart talk with that whistle pig!  All this wishy-washy weather has limited her outside time big-time!!!
  I couldn't believe it when I caught her up on the divider...and wondered how she got up there.  But, later I witnessed her jumping from Grandmother's buffet to the ledge.  Mystery solved!
  Notice that silver bell on her collar?  I'm trying to give the wildlife a fighting chance since she LOVES to hunt!  She's been through quite a number of bells since she came here Memorial Day weekend, but this one seems to be a keeper!  It has been on her collar for about seven weeks!!!  The birds at the feeder get an advance warning when she tries to sneak up on them!!!!

   Mug rugs seem to be my "Groundhog Day" example (remember the movie???)  These are the Chariot Wheel rugs that I had started last week, and here they are finished.  These haven't been wet finished yet (or cut apart) but you can see how the multi-colored warp worked on this pattern.  I had a tension problem, so I cut these two off and retied the warp.  Now it's going great.  I'm still using the blues for tabby and pattern, but I think I will change to greens when I finish those bobbins.
  I'm already thinking about the next overshot pattern to try.  Hummmm...........

  My new project on Mz. Emily is a table runner for my niece, Kimberly Lang.  As a writer, she often goes to book signings, which can be small and intimate OR one that includes many writers all lined up at tables.  Last summer she asked me if I could weave a table runner for her that would define her space.  I wanted something simple yet elegant.
  I played around with Davison's Kirschbaum Design #3, and came up with a suitable plan.  I expanded the circle so that I can have her name embroidered on it, and it will be just plain weave on the table top.  Since it is woven in 8/4 carpet warp, it's 100% cotton, so she can throw it in the washer if anything gets spilled on it.

  I was going to start threading last night, but Cece had other plans.  I got the first heddle threaded, and up she jumps....cuddle me NOW!'s not like she hadn't been weaving round about my feet while I was winding on the warp, but once I sat down on the bench, I had to pay attention.
  She's like that.....she'll let me weave for a bit, then I need to cuddle her for a wee bit.  It's a trade off of sorts. 
Groundhog day....all over again.

Happy Weaving!


Bonnie said...

When they demand their cuddle time, they demand it now. Yes, what will be the next pattern?

Theresa said...

LOL, cats! I want to know just how you acquired that ground hog. A Phil reject maybe? ;)