Friday, February 1, 2013

Just Wait a Minute

What they say about East TN weather is correct.  If you don't like it, just wait a minute or two and it will change for you!  In the last three weeks we have had, (and I will try to get it in the right order)  an ice storm that covered everything with a beautiful, but treacherous coat of ice 1/2 inch thick, then a few days later, record highs that had everyone, including me digging out those sandals, then just a few days after that, torrential rain, with tornados in some areas, that hit a record high for rainfall in January, and now today several areas of East Tn  in the teen's and are covered with snow, though sadly, once again we did not get any.

It has, however, been wonderful weather for working in the Studio.  A few weeks ago, I began to rework my "Cat Tracks and Snail Trails" Overshot Baby Blanket threading.  I had discovered that I had used the miniature threading on my full sized loom.   I wasn't displeased with it, but I had wondered if I could beef it up a bit.  I began by comparing the full sized threading pattern with my pared down threading pattern.

I quickly realized that going from 12 pattern repeats to 3 would not be in my best interest.  Most of the old coverlets were woven with very fine thread, and I am using 8/4 carpet warp!  I cut down the pattern quite a bit, and got it up to 5 pattern repeats across.  I thought that would be great.  I  then dug in and got that loom threaded and wove my first sample.  At first, as I began the "Snail Trails" part of the pattern I couldn't even see it, and I thought I must have messed up the threading, but I continued on through the complete treadling pattern.

In the picture you can see one complete sequence.  I feel like it is shouting at me!  I laid one of my washed blankets with the original pattern, across it to give you an idea of what I am used to seeing on the loom.

I then decided that I needed to look again at the miniature pattern, and maybe work my way up a little instead of working my way down from the larger threading pattern.  I worked on it some more, but I hadn't gotten back to rethreading, and now I am thinking that maybe it is a good thing.

What I mean is, in the photo  right now, it doesn't look quite as bad as I thought it did, while I was weaving it!  Maybe I was just shocked at the size of it.  Hmmm, maybe I should cut off the sample and wash it first, and see what it looks like once it has shrunk a little and the pattern has tightened up.

 I thought I had it all figured out!  One of my concerns it that these blankets are made to be wrapped around precious tiny packages, and I don't want this bigger pattern to be overwhelming.

I suppose I could wash this sample, and see how it changes with the shrinking that this carpet warp loves to do, then maybe do a sample blanket to see how some of my regular customers feel about it.

 In fact, I will do that, and next week I will post some pictures of the finished blanket to see what you all think about it.

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina


Benita said...

You know, I like the miniature version better for baby blankets. I think it shows off the pattern much better.

LA said...

I've been thinking about those wee bundles of joy that will be wrapped in those blankies...and I think the larger pattern might be too big. Is there a happy middle????

Maggie said...

I think the larger version is nice. It's less busy, and I bet it'll soften up design-wise when it's washed.

Bonnie said...

I like them both. The tiny little bundle wrapped in them doesn't mind which is used. I suppose it would be a personal preference of the mom, or the weaver.