Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Is the Loom Half-Empty or Half-Full?

I made great strides in threading Big Bertha in Lee's Surrender yesterday, despite the chaos that churned around us all.  I need 14 center motifs, and threaded 8, so I'm zooming along.  I think if I'd been there alone, I might have gotten it threaded, but wouldn't have had such a good time.
  So, I left Bertha half-threaded, and will try to finish threading next week.  As Carl has cautioned me, I will "not let Lee make (me) surrender!"  My mother asked me yesterday how I'll be able to throw the shuttle that far, and I told her I'd let her know when it happens!  I'm a little worried about that myself.
The aftermath of a good dinner
  Last night, some friends and I met at a new Knoxville restaurant I want you all to try:  Knox Mason.  Some former co-workers and current friends are owners and running the place, and it is excellent.  It's Southern food with local ingredients.  Please support them and help them survive!  Knoxville needs more good food.
 And speaking of Southern Food, tomorrow night begins the annual Blackberry Farm fund raising for the Southern Foodways Alliance,  It's a group begun at Old Miss in Oxford, MS to promote and preserve Southern food culture and traditions.  Some of the South's finest chefs will be joining us to create meals for the attendees, some of whom are the South's best keepers of the flame.  Farmers, distillers, chefs and cookbook authors will join with people who want to help them survive, to keep bringing Southern food to the forefront and carry it into the future.
  I get to make the desserts for all the dinners, something that doesn't happen every year, and I'm excited.  We'll have Meyer Lemon Napoleons for dinner Thursday, Coffee, Almonds and Chocolate for Friday and end with Italian Cream Cake for the finale on Saturday.  I've never understood Italian Cream Cake, but I'm going to give it a new look, deconstructing it and turning it around.  I'm looking forward to it.
  And then, on Sunday, the great After the Holidays Vacation begins!  Gardening, weaving and visiting family will commence almost immediately following the last plate of dessert going to the tables.  I'll tell you about it when it happens!  Until then, Happy Weaving!


LA said...

Your picture of Weftie checking the heddles should be side to side with your picture!!! That would make a great card! I'm so glad you got so much threading done was a little loud in the studio. And, congratulations on being involved in the Southern Foodways! You do make the best desserts!

Bonnie said...

You may need to get LouAnn to help catch the shuttle when you throw it and vis versa. Can't wait to see how it will be done. Congrats on getting to do the deserts.

Tina J said...

Bonnie, that is exactly what I was thinking! We might need to put two benches side by side to do it!

Anonymous said...

Me too!!

Tuesday Weavers said...

Now that would be a funny picture!

Theresa said...

You'll need an arm stretcher! I've done 60 inches and it was hard on everything, mostly me. Can you put a fly shuttle on Big Bertha?
Anything with Meyer lemons has got to be good. My favorite flavor even above chocolate.