Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Whole Lot Goin' On!

  Today was the first session for Carol's Weaving 201 class.  This is a great class to take after you've been weaving awhile, and you're ready to move on beyond your comfort zone.  (This is where I learned to do draw downs!)  Needless to say, this class has been scheduled for awhile.
  Then Carol found out that the local station wanted to come out to the Center to tape a segment on weaving.
  So....in many ways, today was just a typical day.....we roll with the punches!

We had visitors:  Susan and Carol drove to the Center to see the Tuesday Weavers in action.

Sara dropped by to see about the Saturday "Weave a Scarf" class, and came downstairs to see the studio.

Whitey Hitchcock came by to bring a table loom donation from Dale Liles and talk with old friends.

And, Emily Stroud and the camerman from Channel 10 set up action shots, and got information from the weavers.

   Emily interviewed Carol, our fearless leader, and Tina for the piece that will be shown on Friday, 11 January, on the "Live at Five at Four" show on Channel 10.

Even with all that going on, Maggie worked away on her threading for Lee's Surrender.

Pat and Allan just wove away while the camera man set up the different angles for shooting.

Bonnie got back to work on her shawl warp while Carl wove his rugs on the barn loom.

Ann is getting VERY close to cutting off the last rug on her warp.  She kept on saying, "Just a little more on this repeat."

Carl just finished up this silk scarf at home.  Thanks for sharing it with us.
And this was our day at the Center!  We seldom know what's going to happen....but we know we'll have a great day!
Happy Weaving!



Bonnie said...

What a busy day. Lots going on and lots of fun.

Maggie said...

I missed Carl's scarf, darn it! What a fun day!