Monday, January 7, 2013

Carol was having trouble loading pictures today, I told her I would look into it when I got home this evening.  I though I might take the opportunity to show off a picture of the 8 harness loom that the heddles from the last post are going on.  I have been searching the blog archives for the last hour, and I can't find a picture of that loom anywhere.  It is too dark to go take one and besides my phone doesn't take very good pictures!

So instead, I am going to show you a picture of the Hollywood warp, placemat variation.  I believe I am going to put a short warp 10 yds, of this pattern on either the 8 harness or the new Reed Cambridge 4 harness.  I just need to round out the inventory that I already have with these warp colors.  Then I may do it in black and white for a more neutral palette.

I got all the heddles back on the 8 harness this morning, and I am itching to get a warp on it!  The harnesses seem to hang a little better today, with all the retro adjustments.  I would cross my fingers, but then I couldn't thread the heddles!

Well, I think I hijacked Carol's post long enough,  Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina

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LA said...

I tried trouble shooting for her earlier today, and I can't figure out the problem, either. Oh well, sometimes computers have their own agenda. I LOVE those Hollywood placemats....that is such a fun pattern.