Sunday, January 13, 2013

Two Exhibits

Last week I didn't blog because I could not figure out how to add pictures. DH spent all week trying to figure it all out. I should be writing tomorrow but if I wanted help, I needed to do it tonight. So, we finally made it work using google chrome. I hope I remember how I got there next week!! This is the weirdest thing. We tried everything, foxfire, HTML, etc etc. Nothing worked til now. I'm going to write fast so it hopefully publishes at the end of this!!!

So, it never rains, it pours. I've been a member of the Art Market Gallery for a very long time, since somewhere in the beginning of the 80s, after the World's Fair in 82 but a couple of years before they moved to the Candy Factory in about 86. The Candy Factory is on the World's Fair site but the city decided to sell the building for condos so we had to look for another location within the last 7 years or so. One of our members husband is a bit of an entrepreneur and he bought our current space. He gives us a pretty good rent  as well because he wants to stay married!
This is the 30th year that they've been in operation and they had the about 9 of us that are still either current members or members that still pay their dues but don't exhibit. The Knoxville News Sentinel did a nice story on it in today's paper and my jacket is on the back page. Not bad, I'd say! I couldn't be there when they interviewed several members on Tuesday. Right, I was up at Norris with the Tuesday Weavers! That's when  Channel 10 was up there interviewing us for the segment on Live at Five at Four!

 I do like the way the color of my jacket sort of lights up the wall. I don't usually show darker colors in exhibits. I really like to weave bright colors and this sea blue one just makes me smile. There are a couple of rugs in and near the exhibit as well.
 These watercolors are by inactive members. I hadn't seen the artist in the picture at the bottom for at least 20 years. Now that she's retired from teaching, hopefully she'll become active again. I love that picture. So much better in person, she covered the base of the background with something like tissue paper to give it texture.
 And who can't love Hugh Bailey? His animals are always a huge hit. I was there working on Thursday and his pieces all had sold signs on it. He talked about how he was at work at UT and Betsy Worden and Martha Jane McDowell came by and asked him for $5. He gave it to them and they said he was now a charter member of the Art Market. Betsy passed away several years ago and we inherited her looms at Norris. I know they'll be showing pictures of warps on there soon. Andy's working on one right now! Tina and LouAnn have plans for the other one.
 Back in November while we were at  the Foothills Craft Guild, they talked about an opportunity we had to show at the Fountain City Arts Center. I think this used to be a library but now it's a great space for arts in the neighborhood. I never seem to get my act together enough to put things into shows like this but this time I just signed the paper as it came by the table and later we found out we could put 5 pieces in the show! I've got mannequins and work to show. We set up on Wednesday and the opening was Friday evening. I took a picture of my pieces, the 3 clothing pieces and the 2 rugs. I know, they're kind of dark but I wanted something that would be cohesive.
Saturday morning I got a phone call that my solid black jacket sold to a lady in Germany. She'll pick it up later in the month and I"m to bring something to replace it with. I didn't really show the jacket off well this time. Might do it next week now that I know I can post pictures! I'm working at the Arts Center on Wednesday so I'll take my camera and get good pictures. The lining is kind of fun, not at all subdued.

So that's my shows. Yesterday we finally celebrated our daughter's birthday shopping and eating around town. During the night it developed that I must have gotten food poisoning because I was sicker than I"ve ever been before. I still feel like a wet noodle tonight.
Here's hoping that I"ll feel better by Tuesday when the Tuesday Weavers get back together. We've got the second part of the class I'm teaching about beginning weaving structures, how to read Handwoven, do drawdowns, etc. Ended up with 12 students and am so glad that the response has been positive.
That's one of the reasons I like to go to weaving conferences, to keep my knowledge fresh. There are alot of things I still don't understand. I plan to head over to Midwest Weavers Conference in Kansas in June. Yup, take preconference and everything. There are several classes that look very good!! Hopefully someone from here will go with me to help the time go by quickly because it is kind of a long drive!

It's raining tonight after a couple of very pretty days in Knoxville. It was 70 yesterday, quite a contrast to the blizzard they had in Moose Jaw and all over Saskatchewan and probably Manitoba as well.
I'm so glad I leave down here in the south!!
Here's hoping I"ll feel better tomorrow so that I can get another warp on a loom, this time the baby wolf. Until next week, keep weaving!


LA said...

I'm so glad you got the posting figured out (for now) but, I'm sorry you got hit with the yucks!!!! Let's hope it passes quickly! The displays look've had a busy week.

Linda said...

I am glad the jacket sold! I love the lining. Sorry you aren't feeling well. I hope you get to feeling bettwr soon.

Bonnie said...

Feel better! Hope you can make it to weaving. Your display looks great.

Theresa said...

Food poisoning is horrible! So sorry and hope this finds you feeling back to your old self.
The displays are wonderful! Nice job posting those pics too.