Wednesday, January 30, 2013

From Icy to Red Hot

 This week has been a mixed bag, weather-wise, from freezing rain on Friday to 67 degrees, windy and thundery right now.  My garage was covered in ice Friday afternoon, and I feared for the stability of my 90-year-old red Maple in the front yard.  I took the day off because I was afraid to drive, and wondered aloud on facebook if dessert was really necessary.  But I was back at it on Saturday, and folks ate them up, so if not necessary, then at least wanted.
 The weather warmed up after the iciness, though cloudiness kept it from being truly nice, until yesterday.  The sun roof was open as I left the podiatrist's office, who finally announced that the third metatarsal on my left foot had indeed been broken, and was now on the mend.  Good news!  Soon, I can kick the ugly boot to the curb and wear normal shoes.  Normal with lots of orthotic and foot bed inside, but I can live with that.
a stray strand
  Soon, I will be back at the looms with both feet!  I've been trying to weave on the log cabin with one foot, but you have no idea how much my left foot wants to join in!  And then, a problem arose:  What is that stray thread of bamboo, and where is it coming from?  I'll figure that out later, when it's sunny enough to light the loominaria better.
  In the meantime, I've been knitting the flame-red triangle shawl, with it's lovely lace pattern.  I keep thinking I should have this pattern memorized by now!  But it keeps it interesting, and I've just tied on the second ball of yarn.  I want to use about half of it, then start on the border.  I think I'll chart my own border pattern, so the repeats match the squares as it marches up the sides.
  Time to brave the brewing thunderstorm and head back to the land of sugar, flour, eggs and butter.  Stay dry and happy weaving!


LA said...

We're having some crazy weather today!!! I'm glad I can stay in and weave! (You'd better check on that stray black strand of chenille!)

Bonnie said...

Missed you at weaving yesterday. I am glad that your foot is on the mend.