Thursday, January 17, 2013

Warm & Cozy

  I'm out of the wet & cold....but if you take a closer look at that weather map captured at 12:27 p..m., you'll see that we are smack dab in the path for some cold white stuff!
  They've been talking about this system for a few days, so we had plenty of warning.  I even planned my morning errands around getting home early.  But, that still meant that I had to drive in heavy rain on the interstate....not my favorite thing to do!  I think the real problem will be in the morning when all this rain we've had (and whatever snow we get) will freeze.  I'm not planning on venturing out tomorrow til much later in the day!!!

   But, I'll have to unload the car, and load the two Wolf Pups up to take to the Center.  This Saturday, I'll have another four folks to lead on their weaving journey.
  Here you see Susan and Debbie.....this was during the threading part of their warp.  That's Tina in the background.  She was there to lend a helping hand as we wound on warps.  Thank you, Tina!!!!

  Sandy and Julia got their looms threaded and wove their scarves, too.  We were hard working weavers this weekend!!!!!

 It was tough being around all that weaving....and not getting to weave!  So, when I came home, I started in on my placemat warp that has been neglected for awhile.  Ah....heaven.  I had woven three scarves in less than a week, so I was ready for something different.  And, this does need to be woven off so I can try something new.  I guess this is my "winter white" warp!

   And, here's the promise that winter will NOT last forever!  I have several clumps of daffodils looking as though they are going to bloom any minute!  I just hope they ignore that white stuff that's coming this afternoon.

Happy Weaving!


Linda said...

Yay, snow! Bring it on!

Tina J said...

I am just over the ridge from Lou Ann and we didn't get a single snowflake! It was all around us! However, the wood stove feels really good right now!

Linda said...

We have 1 1/4 inches. Did either of you see the sunset? The sky was orange!

LA said...

No snow at all here on the Ridge! But Knoxville got a load of snow. The sunset was beautiful!

Bonnie said...

Here in Norris we got a lot of snow and had thunder. Maybe 2-3" and cold. I have daffodils ready to bloom also. Hope your class is a success this weekend.