Tuesday, January 15, 2013

It Was A Gray and Rainy Day

.....not to be confused with a "dark and stormy night."  But, it was rather gloomy outside here in East Tennessee.
  Inside the weaving studio at the Center, it was rather quiet today, which was great for Maggie.  She's on her last 100 threads for the Lee's Surrender!
  Lanny got his warp threaded, through the reed and tied onto the front bar.  It looks like he'll be ready to weave next week.  Carl was back on the barn loom just weaving away!  A warp thread broke this afternoon, which means that it might be a good time to call it a day.  He'll deal with that next week!

  If you look closely, you'll see the rod making the last round on the back of Bonnie's loom.  That means that she is on the last shawl of this warp.
  Pat went back to work on the black placemat warp.  We'll miss her next week at our Holiday Party/Potluck while she plays with her grandsons!

  Tina played tour guide for some visitors.  It is pretty amazing to walk down the stairs and see the room full of looms!    That's Susan Sweetser on the right....the Craft Center President (and brand new weaver!)
  Later, Tina and I did a quick carpet warp inventory to see what colors are in short supply.  It's time to get another order together!

  Roz swung by the Center to start working on the table looms that still have mug rug warps on them.  It's time those warps were woven off and finished up!  She's been staying busy volunteering with one of the local schools.  She has them weaving, too!

 Part 2 of Carol's class was taking place in the Potter's Studio.  Can you guess what had their rapt attention when I popped in????   Tromp As Writ

  They were looking dazed at lunch time....lots of information!!!!

  There's always time for show & tell:  Eiko got a chance to show the two bamboo scarves she just finished at home.  Lovely!

  And, Christy brought in the "spinning chair" that she found in an antique shop in Louisiana.  Tina was buying it from her.  Be sure to take a closer look by clicking on the picture!

  Thank you, LaDonna, for the wonderful homemade bread!  It was yummy!  In fact, Carol was lucky to get a slice before it was all gone!

That's it for today....maybe we'll have sunshine later in the week.  But, it's always "sunny" in the studio!

Happy Weaving!


Tina J said...

It sure was quiet today! Next week it will be back to normal, now that Carols class is done!

Maggie said...

Only 102 threads to go!

Bonnie said...

A nice day in the weaving studio. I go the last shawl or whatever it is going to be off the loom. It is half the length of the others.