Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Carol's class "Weaving 201" is over, the Holidays are over, and you could almost hear someone or something say "Back To Work"!

We knew it was coming, so last week we put in a huge yarn order of 8/4 carpet warp to fuel the looms.  We ordered as a group for the Tuesday Weavers, and also, if anyone wants to order some, they are welcome to.  We have to get a certain number of cones of yarn to get the discount.  The big box on the left goes to the Tuesday Weavers.  You can also see how full the box is below.

 It took me several trips with my basket to empty that box!  The colors are wonderful, even though I was part of the ordering process, I still love to see the order come in!

 Lou Ann also put in an order for us to a different yarn store.  I was able to get a new temple to weave my Bread Cloths from that store.  This order was the 8/2 cotton yarn that we are going to use in Hand towels.

The shelves are now fully loaded, extra orders disbursed to those who ordered them and the proper persons have been reimbursed.  Whew, it was wild for a moment there!

Now, let's see what is going on in the rest of the room.

Andy is learning how to work a serger.
Ann is winding her next rug warp on the warping mill.

Pat is continuing to weave placemats on the black warp, that may never end!
Andy has her towel warp thru the reed and threaded, on the small Macomber.

Carl, back on the old Barn Loom, is almost done with this long rug warp!  Time to plan the new warp!
Shirley and Barbara are working hard to make sure there are enough heddles on the Baby Wolf to thread this towel warp.

After Ann had finished with the warping mill, I got on there and wound the first of 12 bouts to put on the larger Macomber we got before Christmas.  This too will be a Hand Towel warp.

 Just before lunch, Lou Ann and I ran some signage over to the local Visitor Center,  Linda had taken a rug and a set of placemats there last week, and we wanted to add something in print to advertise the Craft Center and the Tuesday Weavers!

Carol, spent the day with a couple of new students.  Margi had taken her recent class, and was looking for some hands on experience.

Margi is busy winding her warp for the beginning weaving class,

 and Betsy is too!

By the end of the day they both had their warps wound on the table looms, and next week they will be threading their projects.

As you can see we hit the ground running!  I somehow missed getting pictures of, Ms. Ila,  Eiko and Lanny.  The girls were working hard on their scarves, and Lanny is working on some Hand towels using variegated cotton flake for both the warp and weft!  We will have to check on them next week!

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina


LA said...

We'll get those bouts wound for that loom, and get that puppy up and running! We get a lot done in four hours!!!

Maggie said...

Welcome, Betsy and Margi! I'll be back next week, without my boot!