Thursday, January 3, 2013


  Say Happy Birthday to the Boys!  NO...not their 999th!  (More about that later!) 

  We are so blessed to get to weave with these guys, and they share the same birthday:  month, day and year!

They were wishing each other Happy Birthday on Tuesday when we were at the Center, and I hope they have big plans for today!

So, a big hoo-rah for Lanny and Allan!!!

  And, here we were back in 2009....and we thought it would be fun to start a blog!  My blog today is number 999!  Tina will get the milestone blog #1,000!  We have lots of new faces at the Center, and some of our fellow weavers can't come every Tuesday....but we are a happy bunch!  Thank you, Carol, for keeping us going!


  And, thank you to Andy for taking this picture on Tuesday after I left for the day.  Bonnie stayed until she finished the shawl she had been working on at her loom.    I guess we'll be fringe twisting on Tuesday!  (Remind me to put my fringe twister in my tote bag!)
  These are warp painted bamboo shawls that were dyed at the Center.  These bright colors really brighten up this Winter day!

 My energy here on the Ridge has been on getting the samples done for my class on the 12th.  The scarf on the left had an epi of 10, while the scarf on the right used an epi of 8.  I like the feel of the scarf on the right much better! 
  I've taken lots of notes on this project to get ready for the class.  I even timed myself winding the first scarf warp:  6 minutes!  Now, that doesn't mean I think someone who has never wound a warp can do that, but it did give an idea of time to allow for each part of the process.  I have a bin where I have been putting bobbins, sley hooks, scrap yarn for all those bits and pieces we tie on in the beginning of the process.  Sometimes it is the little things that we do without thinking that we forget to tell new weavers. 
  Ah, well.....the first group will be the "lab rats!"  I have been documenting each step just to make sure I don't forget anything (although I'm sure I will!)  And, this has reminded me that I need to keep making notes on the projects that I do.
  Do you keep a weaving notebook?
Thank you for traveling our weaving and fiber adventures (and life adventures) with us!
Happy Weaving!


Bonnie said...

Happy Birthday to Lanny and Allan. Those are very nice scarves. What a fun class that will be.

Tina J said...

Happy Birthday Lanny and Allen! I know that class is going to be fun! I am seriously getting ready to start a weaving notebook, I just can't decide exactly how I want to do it!

Maggie said...

Happy birthday, guys! I do keep a weaving notebook, but I need to find a new system. it's getting kind of bulky and hard to manage. But it's fun to look back into, and useful to chart mistakes and triumphs.
Bonnie, those shawls are beautiful! Each one is so different!