Thursday, January 10, 2013

Craftsman or Artist?

  Carol Larsen of River's Edge Fiber Arts posted this quote on Facebook.  I'll admit that it did make me stop and think.  Which am I?

   I have spent the last week or two getting ready for the class I'm teaching this coming weekend.  The class came about because we are always getting request to have a weaving class on the weekend.  Those of you who weave know that you can't do it all in a weekend......OR could you????

  So, I set my parameters:  one project that could be done in a weekend (a day and a half) and I thought that a scarf in plain weave would fit the bill.  A scarf in cotton would not require a lot of fussing, and it would be won't felt or snag or slip around.  We're even using 8/4 carpet warp....the step-child of the weaving world!  It's strong, and it comes in lots of colors.  For weft, we'll be using cotton flake, which is soft and has lots of texture.

  I played around with the sett for the scarf:  the first one was done 10 e.p.i.  After wet finishing, it was pretty compact.  So, the next one I set at 8 e.p.i. and I liked the hand of it much better.

  Then came the fun part:  writing the handout.
Since I think of this class like a boot camp, I didn't want too much drivel.....just the facts, ma'am!

The more I typed, the more I realized that weavers have their own language and unique way of doing things.  I went through the missive and started highlighting the weaving terms, and decided that we'll just learn by doing....just like when I taught kindergarten.  (Actually...that's MY learning style!)  We'll learn as we go.

 Now....we all know that these folks will have a long way to go after they finish Sunday afternoon.  But, they will get to experience the different steps of the process.  And, except for wet finishing, they'll have a scarf finished for show & tell.  (Fringe twisting will probably be done on their own time, too!  But, we'll learn how to do it on Sunday.)  This class is not a substitute for Carol's class on Learning to Weave at the Center on Tuesdays, but it will allow folks the experience.  Then they can decide if they want to continue.
  As I wove the sample scarves, my mind was busy planning other projects I want to do this winter and spring, and I'm ready to get back to the rug loom for more rugs and tote bags.  There are so many things I want to weave, it's hard to prioritize the projects in my mind!  I just keep jotting down notes in my weaving notebook for future projects.
  So....what does that make me:  laborer, craftsman or artist?  Well....this weekend (and the next) I will be the teacher.  Or, maybe that should be the Sharer....I will share my love of weaving with some new folks.
What about you?
Happy Weaving, etc.......

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Theresa said...

Why it makes you a generous artist, since you are using all 3 to put this class together.
Have fun!