Monday, January 21, 2013

Winter Storm

I know, it doesn't look like much but we got about 3 inches of snow on Thursday afternoon. They predicted it, we didn't believe them. We'd had rain for at least the last week, over 6 inches of rain. Flooding everywhere, especially in people's basements. We're fine. We're up on a hill so the rain never bothers us. Thursday afternoon it began to snow like crazy! The  roads should have been warm enough to just melt it all but it came so quickly the roads were covered and traffic was crazy. 
 I guess it started about 3pm. By 4pm, a branch in the neighborhood probably hit a powerline and at least half a dozen homes in my area were without power. DH and DD spent several hours trying to get home from it all. They did stop at a pizza place and got a to go order. We scrounged for batteries and enough flashlights to take care of us that evening.
It was hard to get a picture of the snow coming down, but let me tell you, it was briskly falling!
 Everything was done by 6pm but the damage was done. Over 8,000 homes without power in Knox County. The good thing was that the temperature only went to the mid 20s so we were fine Thursday night. Then the waiting for power.....and looking for a free wifi restaurant that was open. We ended up at DH's office, watched TV in the waiting room Friday evening and got home that night to lights on!! We'd been without power about 28 hours. Long enough for a small bit of snow!!
They keep clearing the trees around the power lines but there's always somewhere that it doesn't quite work and a branch hits it and all the houses from there to the end of the line are dark!
What's crazy is that apparently just less than an hour away in Oak Ridge, they didn't have any snow or at least it didn't stick. You just never know.

So, that put me back a full day on work!!
As a result, nothing's woven, but we're getting closer.
The baby wolf has the waffle weave towel warp on, ready to tie on.
 The bath towel warp is on Thelma but nothing's woven yet. I do have bobbins wound, tho.
 That last jacket order warp is ready to go on Nilus. Hopefully I'll get it on today.
In East Tennessee you never know what the weather will do. If you don't like it, wait a few minutes, it'll change. By yesterday we had 50 degree weather again. Snow's almost gone.
Here's hoping we'll have plenty of time to work on projects before the next "big" snow hits!!
Until then, I'll be in my studio with my TV providing non live programming for background entertainment for the day!!
So, keep weaving!


LA said...

No snow here on the Ridge, but the pictures from K'ville were beautiful! You've got a lot of projects in the pipeline...have fun weaving!

Linda said...

We had 1 1/4" here. Those were the biggest flakes I have ever seen! It will be really cold tomorrow. Did you hear? Snow is in the forcast for the end of the week!

Bonnie said...

Glad you go power back on. You have plenty to keep you busy.

Theresa said...

Oh don't we know about that fast falling snow! But it is so pretty. Glad every one made home and back out again okay. How was the pizza?