Friday, April 1, 2011

What is keeping me busy!

This last week has been quite busy.  I have skeined off a lot of the cotton warp to pretreat it with salt water. all of the reds, coppers and several of the blues are done.  I have them hanging to dry in the bathtub.  I had some trouble with the copper still needing extra rinsing til the water ran clear.  It makes me want to rinse the others just to make sure that I didn't miss it in my hast to get them dry.

I also finished the Tulip Baby Blanket that I had already listed on the Etsy shop, and got it ready to ship when it sells.(Whew! I won't do that again!)  I also finished the Aqua Green Baby Blanket, and the two toned expirement you can see in one of the pictures posted last Tuesday, and below.  I was telling the girls that I liked part of the blanket but not others.  I like where I used two strands of the different colors, but I don't like the color progression throughout the blanket.  The colors are not as close as they appeared to be at first.  Plus I did not do a good job getting the sections the same size.   I think you can enlarge the picture to see what I mean.

Two toned blanket left and one color Aqua green right.

The Blanket to the right is one of the items we are sending to the Foothills craft guild so that the Tuesday Weavers can jury in.  We would like to participate as a group in there show this year.  Once I get it back it will go up in my shop.

I have also been plugging away this week on my Husbands sweater.  This is my third try to make him one.   The first one was beautiful, but way too big, so we just gave it to a friend.  The second try I used my handspun, and the sweater turned out too small. (It almost fit me!)    I am hoping that the third time it will be just right.  I am trying my best to follow directions!  I have the sleeves done and I have just finished the back and have started the fronts.  I hope to finish before the weather really warms up.

Along with all of that I have been learning about how to make my online shop attractive, informative and how to get people to look at my pieces.   There is a  Sellers Handbook section, that is really informative.  I have worked thru several articles, from the how to present your items, to how to invoice and ship your item.  

My daughter, Graphic designer, made a banner for me to put up across the top.  It really looks good!  I am using it as a banner on my blog too!  My other daughter is helping with the photos.  It is coming together and it really is fun!

Next week it will be back to weaving Baby Blankets for the shop, and then a few as gifts.  I also have a few crazy ideas floating around in my brain that involves a fleece that I partially felted last year,(by accident) and cotton warp.  It may be awhile before I can have anything to show for it, but I will be working on that too.

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina


LA said...

The third time will be the charm!!! He will love it even more since you have spun AND knit it and worked so hard on the size! I can't wait to hear about your experiments with the fleece!

Roxie said...

Either my computer doesn't expand the pictures enough, or you might be a bit too critical of your own work, because your two-toned blanket looks fine to me.

Third time is a charm. Check your stitch gauge in several places on your work. You know how you automatically beat just a little harder when you want to pack the fill tighter? Knowing that you are knitting a bit tight can be all you need to loosen up a bit. If you continue to knit a bit too tightly, switch to bigger needles. Good luck and many kudos for your persistence!!

Bonnie said...

From the picture, I agree with Roxie, the two toned blanket looks fine.
Looking forward to seeing the sweater when finished.

Theresa said...

I think both blankets are wonderful. And good luck on the sweater. I'm sure the third time will be the charm.