Saturday, April 2, 2011

Totes and Taxes

  All that worrying for nothing!!!!  The tea mugs that the pottery department made went beautifully with Carl's totes at the Center.  And our "Tea Party in a Tote" went together like a dream.  Isn't it wonderful how the different departments work so well together!  Now, I've got a head start on my tote inventory, and plans are swirling in my head for the next warp.

With this mixed blue warp, I tried some different prints as the weft, and I really liked the way the small flower print worked up.  Although I like the plain blue fabric, the finished tote doesn't excite me the way the print fabrics do.

I really like the way the plaid plays with the warp!  I have a bag of plaid bias balls in my stash, and I tried the light blue first.  This tote had a nice, crisp look when it was finished.  On the loom now is a Stewart plaid, which is really exciting.  I basted some mop cord in the handles for braiding, and that gave them just the right amount of weight for a sturdy handle.  So far, I've gotten five small totes from this five yard warp.  There's a little more left on the warp beam, so I've got to decide if I should go for #6 or weave some fabric.  It might be nice to add some for a cell phone and another inside for those "little bits" that we all carry around.  Like I said, I've got some ideas dancing around in my head for some future projects.
  But, April has now arrived, and that means TAXES.  The dreaded T word!  I'm supposed to be working on that ..... and I have the big part done.  It's the pesky little things like mileage and donations made during the year that I still need to pull together.  Hopefully, I can get all of this to the accountant next week, and be all DONE.  I'll even be ahead of the deadline!  Yeah!

Happy April Weaving!


Linda said...

The tote bags look really nice. I especially like the Stewart one!

Bonnie said...

My favoriate is the blue flower. They are all very nice. You will have a big slection soon.

Life Looms Large said...

Great totes!!! Ugh on the taxes....good luck with them!!