Friday, April 15, 2011

Kate's Makeover!

I got my 8 harness loom a couple of years ago.  At that time, one of the things that drew me to purchase Kate was the option for an overhead beater.  Since then I have pondered how to make the conversion!   I had seen a few overhead beaters but I really had not figured out how I was going to do it.  It all seemed just too difficult.

When Nada got her beautiful new loom last month, there were two extra pieces with it, and we could not figure out what they were.  Later that evening, Linda sent us some pictures of a Leclerc loom with an option for something that she and Nada had talked about.  Well, this was a loom with an overhead beater, and there to my surprise and delight, were the parts we had been puzzling about!  They were the overhead beater swords!  Nada graciously let me have them, and I have finally gotten around to working on it.

I first tried to use the hardware on the pieces that were on the loom, but it just wouldn't work, so I used the new swords.  I had to drill some new holes to move the hardware down.

Then because I only had part of the hardware, I had to come up with a way to attach the two sides above the castle.  Enter Texsolv, I just love the stuff.  I am convinced that it is the Duct Tape of the weaving world!

In fact I have also used it to replace the metal pully system that raises the harnesses on this loom.  It is much quieter now.  I am still working on getting a better shed, but we are making progress.

Here she is ready to go!

Yesterday, I purchased thru Interweave Press a downloadable copy of Rita Buchanan's "How I Spin".  It was on sale and I had wanted to get it since I saw the preview, last month.

I watched it right away, half yesterday and half today.  I learned a ton of great information, and of course I want to go upstairs and try it all out immediately!  In fact I may just do that!  Right Now!

Until next time, Happy Weaving, ( and Spinning!) Tina


LA said...

WOW!!! You did it! I think you will really enjoy the difference with the overhead beater. Happy Spinning!

Linda said...

Good for you! Do I see a warp beam being used as a table for a lamp?

Bonnie said...

Is it hanging off the top? I am so confused. Doesn't take much these days. Hope you like it and it works out.

Tina J said...

Yes Linda, that is a warp beam,but I am not sure how to put it on her! How to mount and then figure out a breaking system. Maybe later on I will tackle that. So far I haven't needed a double beam.

Theresa said...

How fun! Happy weaving and spinning!