Thursday, April 28, 2011

Better late than never!

I have had a full day today and this evening while relaxing on the couch and checking emails I saw I had an email from my friend and fellow Tuesday Weaver Bonnie. She wanted to know if I had forgotten to blog. Yes, I had! Thank you, Bonnie, for reminding me!

I thought I would show you what I am working on. I threaded the Structo loom with pima cotton for a dish towel. I want to check to see how absorbant this yarn will be and then decide if I want to make a run of dish towels or something else.

I bought a huge cone of this yarn so I will have plenty to weave up whatever I decide to.

I have also been working on rugs. A few weeks ago I warped the Union loom with 50 yards of rug warp. Here is the latest rug. I think I like this one!

We have a cat named Socks. I tried to take a picture of her but she wouldn't stand still. She kept circling my feet. She likes to follow me wherever I go. I thought I was the only one who had noticed it. Today a neighbor came to the studio. Before she left she asked me if I knew that Socks was a good indicator of which house I was in. If I am home she is on the porch. If I am at the studio she is on that porch. She either really loves me or doesn't think I should be let out alone!

Socks doesn't purr. Instead she rolls her r's! She will make that sound and I will make it right back to her. We speak the same language! I have to wonder, though, what in the world are we saying to each other?



LA said...

Sounds like a purr of endearment to me!!!! Isn't it nice to know someone is always looking out for you??? I can't wait to hear about your absorbancy test. WE do have some large cones of that thread!

Bonnie said...

Yes, let us know if it is absorbant. I like that rug too. I just love to see what the pattern will be on the printed fabric. It always looks different than I thought it would when it is all woven up. You are welcome.

Tina J said...

I love the rug, I tend to struggle when it comes to the color placement, but that looks really good.

Roxie said...

Hugs to Socks! You are clearly HER person. Lucky you.

I look forward to a flight of cotton towels from you folks. Woohoo!

Two Guys and a Loom said...

That rug is gorgeous.... love the varying widths in the stripes!!!!