Friday, April 8, 2011

Daryl and Dust Bunnies!

Last month while Carol was in Canada, she got the call that they wanted her to pick up Daryl Lancaster at the airport when she flies in for the Southeast Fiber Forum.  Of course she said yes!  She then promptly emailed all of us about having lunch together, before they hurried off to the Forum.  There were only 4 of us that could make it.

Here we are just after the plates arrived.  It is almost exactly the same photo from yesterday, just taken with a different camera.

The conversation went from one end of the spectrum to the other.  My favorite part was when Linda asked Daryl how many looms she had.  Daryl started in, " Let's see I have the 4 Tools of the Trade floor looms, and one that is a table loom.  Then there are all the table looms for the classes I do, then I have this many inkle looms,.......actually" she said finally, "I don't really know how many looms I have."  ( think she wins!)

After a wonderful lunch and a fond farewell, I had a quick trip with the other 3 girls to an antique dealer that just happened to be on the way home.  I had been there earlier in the day while I was waiting for them to come to the rondevouz.  I had seen a Great Wheel in the back room and just had to have another look.  They all agreed she was beautiful!

Back home again, I decided to tackle the 100 yd white warp that  has a real mess in the middle.  I have anchored both ends on each side of the tangle so that it won't travel any more.  One end on the rocking chair so that I can seperate them as the tangle gets worked free.   The other end is on the Glimakra. 

What a mess!  If I ever do get it worked out, this warp will have a big red ribbon on it to remind me to use it at my own risk.  I have considered just cutting it off, but the tangle is, of course in the middle, and I would be wasting so much yarn!  If I can figure out a way to use the the part without a cross I just might do it. 
The part that is on  the cross side is only about a 20 yds. so that means that the bulk of it is on the part that wouldn't have a cross.  Hmm, I will be thinking about that.  Any ideas?

Somehow the neat and tidy parts are so restful , almost cool to the touch.  The tangles however, are angry and resist my gentle loosening of their knots.  I work on a section in the middle of the mess, and as it loosens it goes slack, and I see the next knot easily because it rises to the top.  When the mess is almost to the floor, I scoot the chair over a bit to raise it up again.  When the chair is over as far as I can scoot it, I begin to work closer to the chained end.  As each section calms down and falls into place I will add it to the chain, and start all over again.
If I need to I can easily put it all away in the tub, chain on the bottom, mess in the middle on a piece of cardboard and the rest of the warp in it's bag sits on top.  You should have seen the dust bunnies I vacuumed up this morning from it.  It was almost bunny sized!

That is all for now, I will be up in the studio this afternoon, my goal for today is to finish the second Baby Blanket in Sage that  I started on Wednesday, using the Kings Flower pattern,  and maybe start the third blanket in the same color, but  switch over to the other loom that has the Cat Tracks and Snail Trails pattern.  Once I have done 2 of each pattern in Sage, I believe I will do it again, but use one of the yellows that I have.  I have got to get some inventory!

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina


LA said...

You do have the patience of Job!!!! LOL! Since you don't have any critters helping you out in the studio, you could just work on the tangle awhile, weave awhile and work at the tangle. Lunch was fun yesterday!!!!!

Bonnie said...

Oh my! I don't think I would be patient enough to fool with that. I would have to take scissors to it. Good luck.

Roxie said...

Oh I wish I could come help. We could start at seperate ends and meet in the middle. Have you tried a wide tooth comb or one of the old afro picks to loosen the snarls?