Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rolling Right Along!

The weavers' hands have been busy....which usually means there cloth on the beam, right?

Take a look:

Carl's tote bags are building up on the beam....see all those handles????

Bonnie is on the last section of her first tote.

Tina's towels are building up on the beam.

Yep....an empty cloth beam.  Linda is tying the warp back on to the barn loom.  How many rugs did Allan cut off this warp?  We'll have to find out.

Ann has quite a few rugs wound on this cloth beam!

There's one completed placemat on Nada's loom.  Never fear, the warp will wait for you!

Lanny just keeps weaving away on the scarf warp.

And, Pat's warp is winding on, too.

This is the 4th scarf on my warp.....number five got started today.

Ms. Trudy has got a lot of fabric building up on her warp.

Ms. Bonnie's warp is weaving up nicely, too.

And, for awhile, we're saying good-bye to Ms. Joyce.
She's going to work on her looms at home for a bit, and we hope to see her again soon.

And to All....
Happy Weaving on this beautiful Spring Day!



Bonnie said...

Lots of stuff going on. Inventory will be building up. That is always a good thing.

Tina J said...

Come back Joyce, come back!

Roxie said...

Talk about active work ethic! You guys are just rockin' out!

Anonymous said...

I hope there are still some of those tote bags on the looms when I get there. Can't wait to see them, along with all of the other great looking projects! Happy summer, Joyce. ~Marta in SF