Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Whoooooo Went the Wind!

We all had stories to share about the storm that came through late Monday afternoon!  Carol is still without electricity, and left early to go back home.  We always have lots to discuss when we're together!  There's another front headed this way for later today.....hold onto your hats!

At the looms:

Lanny is weavin' away on the scarf warp.

Ms. Ila has started another warp of incredible scarves!

Carl is winding more weft for his small tote bag warp...he finished another one today.  Ms. Bonnie is hard at work on her placemats.

Linda is loading a shuttle to weave rugs on the barn loom (she finished tying on the warp.)

Bonnie is still having trouble with the brake on her loom, but she's ready to start her next project on this warp.

Ms. Pat wove at her loom today, but she also helped Nada wind her warp.  Nada is putting stripes in her warp, and needed some expert help.  Pat is always willing to help weavers problem solve!

  As always, a lot going on at the Center today.  We are all hoping that Tina has good flying weather and we send BIG hugs to her for her big trip.

Happy Weaving!


Bonnie said...

After you left Lanny took off his scarf using Tina's method of weaving in a stick to tie on to. I cut off the hand bag that was finished because the warp is warpie. I put sticks onto the beam as I was winding on, but they were too short which caused the ends to pull tighter then the middle. I unwound it, took the sticks out and re tied, then wound it back. Then I had too much on the front. That is why I had to cut the tote off and retie.(not liking it).

Two Guys and a Loom said...

Sounds like you folks have been busy!!!!! Hope everyone is fine after the storms.

Roxie said...

I worry about you folks there in the weather. I would suggest putting lead in your boots, but then you might wind up with messy hair and really long legs. Please don't get blown awwy.