Thursday, April 7, 2011

What a fun day!

Whew, I am getting a late start on my blog today! This was such a fun day. Some of the Tuesday Weavers and I had lunch with Daryl Lancaster! Daryl was on her way to the Southeast Fiber Forum.  Carol picked her up at the airport while LouAnn, Bonnie, Tina and I drove to the restaurant to wait on their arrival. Can you just imagine the conversations we had? Six weavers at the same table! We found plenty to talk about and the time went so quickly. I will leave some for the other bloggers to talk about while I tell you what else happened today.

I cut four rugs off the loom. These are the two shaggy ones.

These are the two wool ones. I should have taken the picture outside so  you could see the real color of the wool rugs. One is green and the other green and white alternating shots.

There are other things I did today like go to an antique shop, grocery store and do farm chores. Somehow my day went so quickly. But what a wonderful memory I will have of our lunch! I can't think of a better way to spend some time than to be with fellow weavers!



Bonnie said...

It was a wonderful day. I even got to see those rugs in person. To which they are more beautiful than in the photo's. You should see Linda's studio. So neat.

LA said...

Thank you for doing the driving today, Linda! It was a great visit with a super weaver, and a fun afternoon! Love the rugs!!!!

Theresa said...

Oh my that sounds like a great day. How exciting to have a lunch with Daryl Lancaster. I hear she is putting together a great 4 day class on sewing wearables.
Great rugs!