Thursday, April 14, 2011

Winding a new warp

It is a beautiful day here. Too pretty to be inside but I don't like to see any naked looms and I have one. At least I had the windows open so I could hear the birds singing.

Today I wound a warp for the Gilmore loom. I am using verigated green and verigated tan yarns I bought from Hilary at Crazy As A Loom a few years ago..

See the ball of thick wool yarn on the right? I still have a lot of it and I want to use it all up. This warp will be stripes.

Here is a part of the green warp on the reel.

Here is a close up. This isn't the best picture. Hmmm, maybe I need some lessons or start using my camera instead of using my phone!

Here are all the sections minus one on the loom waiting for me to wind them on but I will save that for another day. Tomorrow I have hired help coming to help me with some things on my farm. There are two things that I really enjoy. Raising goats and weaving! They both make me smile!



LA said...

Looms without warps create a vacuum in the universe...don't you think so???? It's best for the world if you get that warp on soon!!! LOL

Maggie said...

That's funny: picture a tiny black hole being created by a naked loom. Such a big responsibility!

KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...


Bonnie said...

Nice warp. Keep that hired help in line.

Tina J said...

New warps hold such possibilities!