Thursday, March 31, 2011

Traveling and weaving

Well, I am back home again from my Colonial Williamsburg trip. It is always so nice to go there. I sometimes wear my 18th century clothing to get the colonial America experience. I usually take along a basket and shop just like the people who lived there used to do. Eating in taverns is expensive but really nice. Especially if you have the right clothes. And being a reenactor, when the musician asked if we had a request we could pick one of our favorite 18th century songs for her to play.

The reason I went this time and again last October is this. This gun is being made exactly the way one would have been made in the 18th century. The men from our park worked while I got to shop. Sounds fair, doesn't it?

Now back to weaving. Before I left I wound another scarf warp using the sock yarn as warp this time. You may remember the last one I made using this yarn. I used purple as warp and the sock yarn as weft. It made nice stripes. This time I want to use it for warp and weft. Here is a picture. I took it with my phone so the colors aren't true. I put the warp on my Structo loom. If you look closely you can see a wheel on the left. Some time ago I found these things. Not sure what they are called. They are three small wheels attached to a concave metal plate. I put one under each leg of the loom stand and I can move it anywhere I want when I want to weave. Right now the loom is in the store room up against a wall but I can move it directly under the ceiling light when I want to weave. Neat, huh?

Today I will take the last table runner off the Gilmore loom and try to finish a scarf on the Lervad loom. We are having another gloomy day here so weaving will be a good thing to do.



LA said...

I agree....this chilly rainy day makes it perfect to stay inside and weave. You'll have to bring your scarf when you get it off the loom.

Bonnie said...

Ok, are the wheelie things attached to the loom? Or does the loom just sit on the metal thing on the wheels? Yes, do bring the scarf when finished.

Linda said...

Bonnie, the wheels are separate. The loom's legs sit on them. I found them at Hammer's a few years ago. I can bring one on Tuesday.

Roxie said...

I hope the sock yarn isn't too soft to make a good warp. If the friction of the reed starts to abrade it, you could try painting the yarn with liquid starch. After the starch drys, you'll need to seperate the individual strands before you start weaving again. It's tedious, but it might ave a fuzzy warp.