Saturday, April 16, 2011

Candee Is Dandy!

It was a beautiful Spring day for a road trip down to R&M Yarns for a few things for our stash.  Candee was all excited about the previous weekend at Southeast Fiber Forum...she and her Mom, Phyllis, had a booth in the vendor hall.  She had received one of the mug rugs we contributed to the Forum, and was thrilled that Tina and I were part of the Tuesday Weavers.  We were thrilled that SHE was thrilled with the mug rug!!!!  It's so nice to get feedback! 
  I bought another 13" shuttle and got six more 5" bobbins....I love the balance and feel of this Schacht shuttle.  And, I found some variegated novelty yarn to use with some future scarf warps.  She was sold out of the thicker mop yarn, but Carol and I have solved that problem for now by using the rope maker to twist the finer mop yarn together.

AND....that little Wolf Pup LT came home with me also!!!  Yes, Parker Pup has a little sister now!  I know I said I wasn't going to buy another loom, but the Pups don't take up as much floor space and they are so portable!!!  And, the LT has six treadles.....which means it will make those overshot patterns so much easier to weave!!!  Tina wasn't really surprised....I've been talking about the LT for awhile, and I've priced them at the different vendors.  Since Ms. Candee was considered "used" I got an even better price!  And, I like to buy locally to help the economy!  (That's my story....and I'm sticking to it!!!!)

I wound a mixed thread warp on Thursday and started weaving this scarf yesterday.  Ms. Candee weaves like a dream, and I hope to finish up today.  This warp is black and white 5/2 perle cotton, white cotton flake, novelty ribbon and Pingouin Tahiti Taht.  I wanted a light weight black and white scarf to wear Easter morning with the black dress I found.  The weft is white 5/2 perle cotton which is just barely tapped in.  I can't wait to wet finish it and see how it does!
  By the way, the small tote bags are coming along!  I'm braiding the handles and prepping more weft.  That warp has so many possibilities!
Enjoy your's still cloudy here, but I think it will clear up later.  I need some weeding time today, too!
Happy Weaving!


Linda said...

Some of us have a serious loom addiction!!

Tina J said...

That scarf is beautiful! I can't wait to touch it!
Aren't you proud of me I didn't breath a word about Ms. Candee to anyone, I knew it would spoil the surprise!

Roxie said...

Love it - you want a certain scarf? Well, just weave it up!

Bonnie said...

Oh, you have it bad. Nice loom. The scarf is beautiful. Can't wait to see it.