Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Calm Before the Storm

It's Spring in East Tennessee, and the celebrated dogwoods are in bloom!!!  Those showy white (and sometimes pink) blossoms can be seen everywhere right now.  I loved the view as we drove south on the Parkway heading to the airport Thursday to meet Carol and Daryl for lunch.  The Dogwood Arts Festival is in full swing in Knoxville, and lots of activities are going on in the metro area.
  The high today is in the mid-80's, and the humidity is already getting high....which usually means we've got Spring storms lurking in the near future.  The morning newscast has already warned of severe afternoon thunderstorms with hail possible!

So, later on this afternoon, I'm planning on tackling my stack of items to be finished.  The cat mat is turned up, and just waiting to be hemmed.  The placemats are ready for their turn to be hemmed, also.  There are three tote bags in that stack that are ready to have their pockets added and be sewn together.  And, I have the warp of small totes/bags that I cut off of Mz. Emily this week.....those aren't in the picture!!!!  I'm planning on fringe twisting that scarf while I watch Harry's Law tonight.
     Hummmmm.......this might be more than one day's worth of work!

 And, I wanted to share this fabric.


It's from my Great Aunt's just have to wonder what she had in mind when she bought it.  Judging from the colors, I would say it's from the '70s.....wouldn't you?

   Yet, I love what it's doing in this warp.  This is the Cappuccino warp that Pat wound for me on Tuesday. can see all those bright colors from the fabric dancing about as it is woven in.
  I have other fabric cut for the next three small totes, but, I have to admit, I may do more than one with this piece.

So.....while the morning is so nice and calm, I have a few errands to run, and I need to work in the flower bed for a bit.  The storm can roll in this afternoon........I have plenty to keep me busy!

Happy Weaving!


Bonnie said...

That rug will be beautiful. Lots to do. It may be a bit more that one days work. But who knows. You may get on a roll and get it all done.

Tina J said...

I love the new warp! And that fabric! Do bring some with you on Tuesday so we can see it in person.

Theresa said...

Oh my look at all that wonderful weaving! Isn't it nice they put a rerun of Harry's Law on the tube earlier on Sat. night!

Carol said...

Love that fabric as you weave it on the loom, great colors! I knew that warp would be wonderful on the loom, just my colors!
No storms in Gatlinburg! Guess it blew around Arrowmont!