Saturday, April 23, 2011

Saturday Reflections

  Ah yes.....the scarf from Candee came off the loom last Sunday.  The fringe was simply knotted a few times and trimmed to the same length.  Since this was a mixed thread warp, I didn't want to twist the fringe....yet you don't want a big ole tangle.  The knots held up nicely for washing (which is what I wanted.)
  You might notice that the right side of the scarf looks a little different from the left side.  Hummmmmm........

  My son and I went to lunch last Saturday, and we made a quick side trip to Walmart for the new Harry Potter DVD.  I guess you could say that my beat got just a little bit firmer while I watched the movie!!!  Maybe I should save HP movies for weaving rugs????

  I want to try some more mixed thread warps for scarves....I even pulled out Davison to research spaced warps.  This will be fun to explore!  And I have some lovely bits and pieces to play with to add fun color and texture.  I'll let you know how it goes.

  We've had just enough rain to give the weeds a big boost...and they are starting to run a-muck already.  This iris (which I think is a little ahead of itself) bloomed this week.  This came from my Mom's collection at the farm in Grainger County.  And, this came from her Mom's iris garden.  My sister sent me a picture yesterday from her daughter's flower bed where she had transplanted some of Mom's iris.  They are starting to bloom, too.  I think Mom would be pleased.

   I've started my sunflowers under the grow light downstairs.  They don't tend to make it if I sow them directly outdoors (bunnies!)  I love sunflowers.....they just make me smile!  These are the mammoth sunflowers, and I'll start the others this week.  I'd love to have a bunch in bloom this summer!

  Today my goal is to organize my thread, and just tidy up around the house.  Sweetie Pye has been shedding like crazy, and the house has little tuffs of black fur here and there....I wonder if Tina would like it for spinning?????
  I've almost got enough mop ropes made to dye for Carl's tote bags at the Center.   I need to look and guess-timate how many more tote bags he'll get from that warp. 
  Plenty to do....I'd better get busy.
Have a joyous Easter!


Bonnie said...

Nice scarf. Maybe the underside looks a bit different than the topside? Sunflowers, they do tend to put a smile on ones face.

Tina J said...

I just love the look of those seedlings, it is promising.
I know you will wear that scarf with pride, you know that as long as you are consistant it is a design element!

Anonymous said...

Great scarf, just as is! Good luck with your sunflowers ... mine ALWAYS get nipped by critters. ~Marta