Friday, April 22, 2011


Today I am comparing the results of two vastly different ways to prepare fleece for spinning.  Not the combing versus carding discussion, but how you go from filthy to clean.   (I posted about my new attitude on farmsteadstudio a couple of days ago.)

In the upper photo you have .4 oz.  of what I believe is Romney wool, prepared by me in my old, got to get it done mode.  That means split the fleece in 4 parts and put them in net bags and dunk them in hot soapy water in the washer, then spin that out and repeat til clean, then rinse using the same method.  No agitation!  Just get it done!

In this photo is .4 oz of Shetland, prepared in the new way, that is lock by lock, over a period of days, (let's say weeks, maybe even months, or maybe forever!)

The first thing I did was load the Romney on the comb.

It was obvious to me that I would have to split it in half or I would get nowhere!

After combing the two batches and then combining them, here is the Romney ready for the diz.

Here is the waste from the Romney.

Here is all .4 oz of the Shetland on the comb.  I split this batch too, and I am glad I did, it just poofs up all over the place.
Here it is ready for the diz!

And here is the waste.

 (I will be taking all the waste and running it thru the drum carder to glean what I can for a non spinning project.)

 Two beautiful nests of wool ready to spin.  The old fast track prep yielded 1oz of spinnable fiber, while the new slow fleece prep yielded 2 oz!  Both of the cleaning systems produced a beautiful top.  I just got more top notch top out of the new method.

 So I think my new slow method of  fleece prep will pay off !  

The Tuesday Weavers of  the Appalachian Arts Craft Center in Norris, TN came to my rescue this week.  I put out a call for a certain size of bobbin that would fit my double shuttle.  I am ordering some, but I needed a few so that I could weave a whole blanket without stopping to reload!  I picked up a bunch on Tuesday, and none to soon either.  My Daughter asked me to make her a blanket for someone she knows who is going to have to undergo chemo.  Thanks to the TW, I cut my weaving time down by one hour!  Thanks dear friends!

I hope you are all being blessed with thankful thoughts on this Good Friday, I know I am.

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina


LA said...

I'm so glad that your call-out yielded so many bobbins! I know your daughter's friend will cherish the good thoughts that come with her throw. LOVE the wool experiment!!!

Bonnie said...

Very interesting process. I don't know all the terminology of the process. Glad it worked.

Roxie said...

Oh my - washing lock by lock takes SOOO long, but you do get more grease outta your fleece.