Tuesday, April 1, 2014

No Fooling....It Was Busy!!!

  Here is one happy camper!!!!  Tina hijacked the UPS man before she came to weaving and got her shipment--two Ashford Rigid Heddle Looms!!!  (She and Carol ordered them!)

  Tina got them all together, and Allan lent a hand with a few well placed pats.  I'm sure we'll hear a lot more from Carol and Tina about their new projects!

  Now where did that rubber mallet go????  One of the pegs popped out on Ann's loom, and she was quick to get the repair done.

  Jocelyn just finished the hemstitching on her project.  You can just see the last colorful rows on this piece.

    Betsy has decided that she has too many threading errors, so she put the lease stick back into the warp so she can rethread.
  Margi has started a new run of placemats on her loom.   (You can just see the back of the Macomber I've been threading.....those lease sticks came out today and it's ready to weave!!!  Yeah!!!)

 Karin is now the proud owner of a loom that was once owned by Carl.  They got an opportunity to talk about the loom today.  I wonder what she'll name it????

    Eiko came to the end of her scarf warp today, and off it came!!!!
  She spent a lot of her time today looking through some back issues of Handwoven....wonder what new project she'll come up with?

  And, sometime, it's just nice to sit and talk with the other weavers.

  Also, welcome back Sandra!!!  She got right to work winding her new warp.....isn't it colorful!

Not too bad for an April Fools Day......not one joke.....just lots of weaving!

Happy Weaving!

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